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Carbon Steel - Wire

ASTM A 421 Steel Wire Standards for Prestressed Concrete

AS 1310 Steel Wire for Prestressed Concrete

AS 1311 Steel Standards for Prestressed Concrete

BS 5896 Steel Wire Standards for Prestressed Concrete

BS 5896 Steel Standards for Prestressed Concrete
Steel Mill Capacities /
Expansions in Middle East
UAE Rebar Suppliers (2017)
Steel Production Statistics Middle East DRI Production (2016-2017)
Global LSAW Production (2012-2016)
Global LSAW Capacity (2012-2016)
GCC LSAW Capacity Growth Forecast (2010-2019)
MENA Crude Steel Capacity Utilization (2004-2016)
MENA Steel Forecast (2008-2020)
Steel Consumption Statistics Middle East LSAW Consumption (2010-2017)
MENA Finished Steel Demand (2010-2017)
Egypt Finished Steel Demand Forecast (2010-2020)
Iraq Apparent Steel Use (2010-2020)
Turkey Flat Vs. Long Steel Overview (2016-2017)
Steel Imports / Exports Statistics Turkey Rebar Exports to MENA (2015-2017)
Ukraine Rebar Exports to MENA (2015-2017)
MENA Finished Steel Exports Forecast (2010-2020)
MENA Steel Imports (2016-2017)
EU Finished Steel Exports to North Africa (2016-2017)
Egypt Crude, Semis, Finished, Steel Overview (2016-2017)
China Rebar Exports to MENA (2015-2017)
China Steel Exports to MENA (2017)
UAE Rebar Imports from Turkey (2007-2017)
International Steel Statistics China Steel Market Forecast (2018-2020)
China Steel Consumption Forecast (2020-2025)
Chinese Steel Product Exports (2015-2017)