Steel Mill Capacities / Expansions in middle east

Middle East and Steel Statistics >>> Steel Mill Capacities / Expansions in Middle East

GCC & MENA Middle East SAW Pipe Mill Capacities
North Africa Key Steel Producers

North Africa Steel Capacity Expansions (2016-2020)
GCC Steel Players
MENA Steel Projects Estimated
New Steelmaking Facilities in MENA
Egypt New Steel Investments in Egypt
El-Dikheila Steel Plant Expansion (2002)
Iran Upcoming Steel Capacities
Iraq New Steel Investments-Plants in Iraq
Qatar Qatar Steel DRI Production (1978 - 2013)
Qatar Steel Production (1978 - 2013)
Qatar Steel Rebar Production (1978 - 2013)
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Steel Producers
SABIC Steel Market Share (2014)
Turkey Turkey Galvanized PPGI Capacities (2017-2020)
ERDEMIR Steel Production Capacity

Turkey Billet and Slab Capacity Additions (2006-2012)
UAE UAE Rebar Suppliers (2017)
Rebar Rolling Capacity
More Info News on Steel Mills Expansion / Mergers and Acquisitions