INSIG is a formal member of the International Iron & Steel Institute with more than 35 years brilliant history in producing constructional steel in Ahvaz Khouzestan province).

The erection of the first IRAN Rolling Mill performed in AHWAZ in 1963 aimed to produce various types of plain and ribbed bars and angles.

Iran National Steel Industrial Group

This Rolling Mill, with nominal capacity of 65,000 T/Y was put into operation in 1967. During the next years new rolling lines and a steel sections mills were installed, under the name of IRAN National Steel Industrial Group (INSIG).

The innovation of some lines in 1992 increased production and made this huge industrial complex competitive with the worldwide steel export companies.

INSIG presently operates more than 6 plants (Melting & casting, Rounds & Rod Rolling Mills, Beam Rolling Mills, Seamless pipes, Metal industries and Machining).

With a capacity of more than 1,200,000 T/Y INSIG is the chief supplier of a major part of the country's demands and with its standard steel production is currently also an active steel exporting company.

Standard, Quality, Safety and Tranquility with seamless pipes and Boiler & super Boiler pipes

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