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Iraq: Important Links and Information

Subcontracts to prime contracts are open to all companies.  Information about the Coalition Provisional Authority-Project Management Office (CPA-PMO) draft request for proposals for Iraq reconstruction projects is available on

For exploring subcontracting opportunities with Department of Defense prime contractors visit the following site: and

Awards and Request for Proposals (RFPs) of the Department  of Defense (DoD) are located at

Bechtel is under contract with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), for the repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction of vital elements of Iraq's infrastructure.

Bechtel had awarded 119 subcontracts to 101 different Iraqi companies, out of total of 162 subcontracts. Over 10,000 companies from 100 different countries have registered on Bechtel's Supplier and Contractor Portal.

Contracts of USAID provide for infrastructure, health, education, capacity building and other developmental reconstruction activities.

USAID holds sectoral consultations concerning its reconstruction activities in Iraq. Those seeking subcontracting opportunities are advised to contact the prime contractors directly or the US Department of Commerce

The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and the Iraqi Ministry of Trade formed the Iraqi Business Center in Baghdad to provide business services to the Iraqi business community.

Kirkuk Business Center

Iraqi Businessmen's Association
Thamir R Al Sheikhly, Chairman
Tel: 009641-7789575, 009641-7760971; Fax: 009641-7760984

Basrah State Company for Iron & Steel
Iraq Reconstruction: Important Links and Information
Iraqi Steel Industry Overview
Iraqi Consumption of Steel Products
Total Imports of Flat Steel Products to Iraq in 2002


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