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Egypt: Steel Industry Overview (2005 )

  • Finished product consumption grew by 28% in 2005Long products demand went up from 2004 to 2005 by 800k mt to 3.6 m mt . Flat Products demand went up in the same period by 174k mt to 0.8 m mt.
  • Investments in CR capacities doubled production in the last two years to 0.5 m mt.
    Total capacity will reach 0.9m mt in 2006 (vs 0.7m mt in 2005)
  • Finished production increased by 1.1 m mt in 2005 to 6.5 m mt pushing the utilization rate up to 68% (57% in 2004).
  • Re-rollers are backward integrating into steel making.
  • Total Crude capacity increased by 0.7 m mt to 6.2 m mt.
  • Demand Growth: political stability, economic reform and increased government spending will be conducive to consumption growth. The key sectors are housing and (export-oriented) industry.
  • Production Growth: growing consumption will result in production gains with continued improvement in utilization rates.
  • Excess Production Absorbed Locally: little or no increase is expected in exports as the additional production will be diverted to meet local demand.
  • Local Steel Prices: will continue to mirror international prices and remain prohibitive to large scale imports.
  • Exports Diversification: with new capacities coming on stream in traditional importing countries in 2006 Egyptian exporters will look for new (emerging) markets.
  • After Iran and Turkey, Egypt is the largest M.E. steel producer. Due to its production and export potential EZDK will continue to play a key role in meeting import requirements from the region.
  • Finished consumption in Egypt has grown by more than double the regional average in 2005 (13%). The Egyptian steel industry is gearing up for a return to the peak years of the late 1990’s.
  • Egypt’s crude output is higher than finished steel. Its finished consumption, though, is largely dominated by long product (80/20 long/flat) that is higher than the regional average (70/30).
  • Egypt’s scrap imports are set to rise – while billet imports decline – as crude output increases.
  • Looking forward, the M.E. will witness significant development in the coming few years … not only in the Gulf but in other countries as well (Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt). The region is expected to sustain steel demand growth in excess of 10% p.a. till end of decade.
  • Construction boom will be the driving force for growth, not just in Egypt but across the M.E. countries.

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