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  • MESteel: Largest web portal for steel buyers and sellers that covers the whole Middle East. Besides Middle East it also covers strategically important countries like Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan. This is one of the highest ranking trade engines that has more than 4,000 unique visitors on average per month.
  • MBendi: Egypt This African site has details on thousands of companies throughout Africa including over 1,400 in Egypt.
  • Taqnya -- Egyptian Stock Quotes At this site, you can get Egyptian stock quotes (you'll notice that many of these shares seem to trade very infrequently). Volume and number of trades, and date of last trade are also provided. You can also view or download historical quotes. There is also a broker database on this site.
  • El Rowad This brokerage offers free stock quotes, organized by sector.
  • Egypt Pages Address, phone, and fax of over 65,000 companies in Egypt. Search by sector.
  • Egyptian Exporters Association Profiles (mainly name, address, and products) for hundreds of Egyptian Exporters in the fields of Apparel, Textiles, Processed and Fresh Food products, Furniture, Leather products and Footwear, and Software and Multimedia products.
  • Technology Development Program This site has a large database of high tech companies in Egypt. Their definition of high tech seems pretty broad, including construction companies, and even advertising. The information supplied about each company is quite extensive: gives an overview, year founded, phone, fax, contact names and address.
  • Middle East Times This English-language newspaper in Egypt has a searchable archive, could be useful when looking to see what a big company has been up to.
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt Profiles of 850 firms doing business with or interested in doing business with the United States. Certainly not comprehensive, but it may be worth a look. Name, address, contact, parent company, year established, number of employees and product description.
  • Internet Business Mall Extensive directory of Egyptian companies: name, address, phone, fax, email and website URL are provided. Search by sector or by name. Fully searchable.
  • Telefax Egypt Name, address, phone, and fax of Egyptian companies.