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Steel Mill Capacities /
Expansions in Middle East
UAE Rebar Rolling Capacity (2016-2017)
Steel Production Statistics Iran Steel Production (2016-2017)
Iran Upcoming Steel Capacities
Algeria Finished Steel Output vs. Consumption (2010-2017)
Libya Finished Steel Output vs. Consumption (2010-2017)
MENA Finished Steel Output Forecast (2020)
Middle East Steel Production (2003-2016)
Morocco Finished Steel Output vs. Consumption (2010-2017)
Tunisia Finished Steel Output vs. Consumption (2010-2017)
Turkey's Crude Steel Output (1990-2016)
Steel Consumption Statistics Iran Apparent Steel Products Consumption (2016-2017)
Turkey's Finished Steel Consumption ( 2000-2016)
Steel Imports / Exports Statistics Iran Steel Imports (2016-2017)
Libya Finished Steel Imports (2011-2017)
Pakistan Finished Steel Imports (2011-2017)
Pakistan Steel Scrap Imports (2011-2017)
Turkey Steel Exports to Middle East (2017)
Turkey Flat Steel Exports (2017)
Turkey Product-wise Steel Exports (2012-2017)
Turkey Rebar Exports to UAE (2002-2017)
Turkey vs. China - Steel Exports to Middle East (2003-2016)
Turkey's Steel Scrap Imports (2016)
Intl. Steel Statistics EU Steel Imports (2014-2016)
World DRI Production (1970-2016) and by Region
Apparent Steel Consumption (2007-2016)

Crude Steel Production By Process (2016)

Ferous Scrap Trade (2014-2016)

Largest Steel Producing Companies (2016)

Major Importers & Exporters of Steel (2016)

Major Steel Producing Countries (2014-2016)

Steel Exports, Analysis By Product (2007-2016)
World Steel Production and Consumption: Geographical Distribution (2016)