TAD Metals FZE, Dubai, UAE

  Road 732A Plot No. MO 0433, P.O.Box 17325,Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E
Phone: +971-4-8811054                                   Fax: +971-4-8811059 
CONTACT PERSON : Mr. Luigi Del Riccio,  Business Development
MOBILE NO.: +971 558047380 (Dubai)           +39-335-7000430 (Italy)
www.taddubai.com                                         info@taddubai.com


TAD Metals FZE is part of an international group operating in the processing and distribution of stainless steel products (flat, tubes and bars), carbon and chrome plated products (tubes, bars), instrumentation and control valves for hydraulic cylinders and mechanical applications. The Group’s geographical scope covers the European, Middle East and Asian markets.

The Group’s core business is to provide value added products and services to “End User” customers, who require processing of their stainless steel materials to fulfill their material requirements.

TAD Specialty Metals Group operates through the following companies/brands: TCA S.p.A. (Italy), C.F.A.I. S.r.l. (Italy), TAD Long Products S.r.l. (Italy), TAD Metals FZE (Dubai) and TAD Inox Gulf FZE (Dubai).

The Group sells its products and services to customers operating in the following industries: Process, Chemical, Petrochemical, Mechanical & Hydraulic applications, Construction, Furniture and White Goods, and Automotive, where it support these customers through customized “just in time” solutions.

The Group’s has developed solid competencies in every aspect of the value chain of the stainless steel industry: from manufacturing, stainless steel flat and long products (tubes and bars) processing, distribution and trading of stainless steel second choice flat materials, and multi-metals processing and trading.


TAD Metals FZE mainly operates in the distribution, trading and processing of stainless steel products in the form of coils, narrow strips, sheets, bands and tubes. Through the service center TAD Inox Gulf FZE, the stainless steel flat products are processed and distributed to various local and overseas markets

TAD Metals FZE operates as a connecting point within the market, allowing small- and medium-sized end users access to products from the major manufacturers at world level, making available goods of the best quality, formats, finishes and timeframes, as required by the customer. 
TAD Metals purchases goods from major steelworks, through agreements that guarantee it a stable availability of materials, which it then transforms according to the demands of different clients, in terms of product sizes, lengths and widths, thicknesses, as well as providing the required surface finishing (polishing, mirroring, hair line, satin finish, scotchbright).