Mini Steel Mill "ISTIL (Ukraine)"
122, I. Tkachenko Str.  Donetsk 83062, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (062) 385 04 40  Fax: +38 (062) 332 24 21



The flagship of ISTIL business strategy has its manufacturing facilities in Donetsk, Ukraine. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine began an aggressive campaign to privatize many of its enterprises, including the Donetsk Steel Works. In 1996 Metalsrussia predecessor of ISTIL acquired majority shares of Donetsk steel Works. The plant was restructured after capital investment by the ISTIL Group during 1997-2000 period and ISTIL (UKRAINE) was retained by ISTIL Group with a steel production capacity of one million MT/annum.

ISTIL (UKRINE) consists of electric arc furnaces shop, scrap preparation facility, a specialty bar rolling mill with heat-treatment and cold finishing facilities, oxygen block, and other ancillary equipment. Over the last 3 years, ISTIL Group has upgraded the said facility by investing over US$85 million from its retained earnings by introducing most-modern technology of steel making, steel refining and continuous-casting from the world leader in steel mills equipment manufacturing - Danieli, Italy.

CJSC MMW ISTIL (Ukraine) is one of the most prominent metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, an example of the successful foreign investment.

ISTIL Group, the owner, has upgraded the facilities of the mill by committing over USD 100,000,000. The state of the art steelmaking process with pollution free melting, refining and continuous casting was implemented at the Mill due to the foreign investment.

ISTIL (Ukraine) assortment covers continuously cast square billet aimed for rerolling and continuously cast pipe billet as well as hot-rolled round bars of carbon, structural, high alloy and stainless steel grades aimed for engineering and ball bearing plants, pipe mills, enterprises of oil and gas industry and nuclear power engineering. Besides, ISTIL (Ukraine) is one of a few CIS mills, where improved heat treated rolled stock is produced.