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Why subscribe?
Why is this package so cheap?
What companies and activities are covered by
What do I save, compared to setting up my own web site?
What is the advantage of buying selling through MEsteel?
What are the advantage of Registered Users
How does the site work?
Can I Pay By Credit Card and is it Secure?

Why subscribe?

You receive
1/ Your own web space
You will now have your own web address:
with 2 web pages, one dynamic, and one static A4 size .
     1e page with general data on your company, as per registration sheet.
2e page with your logo, pictures, text, design, catalogue… and any info you wish to advertise.
Additional pages can be added, to complete this section as your own complete web-site.

2/ Larger public
- By joining this common portal, the number of people accessing your site will be much larger, than when operating your own web-site only.  
-If you already have your own web site, this portal will guarantee to guide buyers in, Middle East and Worldwide to your  web-site.
3/ Continuous exposure
- Being part of this portal, we ensure that our site and your pages will be easily found through all major search engines on the internet all the time.
- We register on existing and upcoming major e-business directories in the Middle East.
- MEsteel does regular mailing to a large database of potential suppliers and buyers of your products.
- You can email direct online to target groups of all our members.
- MEsteel has links with many steel sites worldwide.
4/ Advantageous way of advertising
Reaches globally in every business house, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Is less expensive than traditional advertising media.

Why is this package so cheap?

By keeping membership costs low, and having no transaction commissions, we target a very broad base of subscribers.
Many active members and frequent use by visitors worldwide makes MEsteel a successful site for all.
MEsteel  further generates income, from advertising on activity and per product pages.
Also you can increase your visibility, and advertise with banners on pages, which will be of interest to your clients. Check our advertising rates

What do I save, compared to setting up my own web site?

To own your basic web site, you would pay a minimum of 1000 US $ + server hosting charges and maintenance charges, estimated at about 400 US $/year + your work involved.
MEsteel provides this for only 275 US$/year.

What is the advantage of buying - selling through MEsteel?

MEsteel opens a new world of potential producers, clients, suppliers and service providers.
MEsteel decreases your costs, by reducing a number of intermediaries.
At present, most deals are negotiated and completed by fax, email and telephone. This is both time consuming and labour intensive. By trading through MEsteel,  members can save on transaction costs, reduce the time and effort spent on missed phone calls and faxes, with improved customer service.
And if you want to call your suppliers or fax them some details, you'll find all your suppliers and clients contact data online.

What are the advantages of registered users?


Registered  user

Listed user 

Your Name / Tel on MEsteel.  Yes  Yes No
Receive monthly MEsteel update + regular steel news. Yes Yes No
Searchable by Activity & Company Name. Yes Yes No
Send email to single registered member. Yes Yes Yes
Advertise with us. Discount 20% Yes Yes
Participate in chat and Message board. Yes Yes Yes
Respond and negotiate against offers for finished steel products Yes Yes Yes
Your Fax and Email Address on MEsteel, and be able to receive on line emails from web visitors. Yes No No
Your complete company profile sheet. Yes  No No
Searchable by Products & Brand Name. Yes No No
Send emails to groups of registered members. Yes No No
Send + receive inquiries + offers for steel products and services Yes No No
Negotiate against offers / inquiries. Yes No No
Offer Jobs. Yes No No
Your own domain name & web page(s) on Yes No No
Make your own groups of prospective buyers / sellers. Yes No No

How does the site work?

The left navigation bar
The top left scroll bar allows you here, or anywhere in the interactive part of the site, to select the countries you are looking for.
-All companies are categorized in producers, distributors, end-users, and related servicing industries (in different color shades). r shades).
-These categories are further narrowed down to specific activities.
The easiest way for web searchers from anywhere in the world, to find a steel producer, a coil service center, a stockist, a ship repair company, a drum manufacturer, a heavy fabrication shop, a galvanizing company etc….in the Middle East.
You can select all, or part of these companies per activity, to send direct emails to.
When you click on the selected company, you find detailed pages of information on each particular company.
Search bars at the bottom, allow you to look for companies, brands, products and activities.

Tell Friends allows you to inform your friends about

What's new, lists latest 50 registered companies and their activities.

In Feed Back, you may give us your suggestions on how to improve (y) our site.

Interactive (left) part
Do you want to know, who buys or sells one particular steel product?
In one - or more countries of the Middle East? (you can choose your countries at top left drop down list)
From stock or from mills delivery?
Simple: all MEsteel members have given their detailed buying and selling profile when registering.
With 2 clicks, you find an exact list of companies - as examples-,
-from who you can buy carbon steel angles from stock, or
-who buys stainless steel plates from mills delivery.
You can also email straight to all or part of contacts on this listing.
You can send offers or inquiries, readable for the whole world on, or send direct by email to your target group of buyers or sellers. Again, you can choose one or more countries. Your messages will be direct to your partners, so safe and secure. Similar to "who buys-who sells", visitors of the MEsteel site, can find per product, pending inquiries and offers.
Members can post an add, to find people in the steel industry. Non members can put their CV’s on the web and reply to jobs offered.
You have any questions on steel related items?
Technical, commercial, anything else?
You have any suggestions for the steel community?
Put your ideas and questions on the web.
Readers from all over the world, can reply.
Discover a new way of communicating!
You will find co-members here on line, a way to find back old steel friends, or to discover new clients or suppliers.
For out of country communications, you’ll find it pleasant to save on telephone costs.
You can also go and talk one-to-one, with anybody connected at that time, or at a time agreed with your chosen partner. A quicker way to finalize the last details on a business, than up and down emails.
Informative (right) part
This informative section is partly supplied by editors, but we expect a lot of participation from our members.
Members are invited to keep the Middle East steel community updated on their latest developments.  
Post News on your company, or on exhibitions or seminars .
Email us your new norms, qualities, types of products etc...
Product info
Per steel product type:
- Standard sizes.
- Properties.
- Info and links.
- International steel norms
- Tables of equivalent qualities.
- Weights / Sizes
- Properties
- Currencies / World Time
- Parcel Tracking / Ports
- Production
- Consumption
- Imports - Exports
- Steel & Metal prices
Reading and links to steel literature.
Interesting steel sites on the web.
- Global & M.E. Steel News
- Prices of Steel & Metals
- Projects & Tenders
- Middle East News
- Seminars
- Exhibitions
- Conferences
Under “MY MESTEEL”, you find back and edit all your past offers, inquiries, negotiations, favourite contact lists, job offers, your company profile page and password.

Can I pay by Credit card and is it secure?

Yes, you can pay By Credit Card.
Kindly login to your account and click on "MY MESTEEL" to pay by Credit Card.

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