P. O. Box No:   31774 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.,
Tel:+ 971- 4-3520065, Fax:+971-4-3522573  electrodxb@electroi.com


Electro Industries ranks amongst the top ten signs manufacturing companies worldwide. With manufacturing facilities in 5 different countries and sales offices throughout the Middle East and Europe, the Electro Industries group of companies is expanding to conveniently provide services through out the network.

Our clientele base ranges from small business and retail stores, to large private and governmental institutions. The group specializes in large turnkey projects due to the vast ranges of products and services provided to offer complete solutions.

Our 1,500 highly skilled employees are our most valuable assets. The group believes in motivating the workforce by providing comfortable working conditions and continuous training.

Today, Electro Industries has created and enviable business environment with a winning combination: pride of craftsmanship and customer service coupled with high-tech expertise. The aggressiveness of the management team in employing experts, acquiring new technologies, and in expanding the network lead to the great success and the fast growth rate of Electro Industries.



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