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Company City Country Tel Steel tons handled per year (kt) Brief Description
ADRIATIC EGYTRADE ALEXANDRIA Egypt (members only) 2-5 .
ALEXANDRIA SPARE PARTS Click to send email ALEXANDRIA Egypt (members only) 100-500 Handling equipment and spare parts
CONTRACK INT. INC CAIRO Egypt (members only) 20-50 .
DIVE TECH ALEXANDRIA Egypt (members only) 2-5 .
EL SHAMY TRADING COMPANY QALYAB Egypt (members only) 20-50 .
(NULL) . Egypt (members only) . (NULL)
ELSAFA PORT SAID Egypt (members only) .5-2 .
EST GEMEA IMPORT & EXPORT ALEXANDRIA Egypt (members only) <.1 .
HAMMAD STEEL COMPANY (HSC) GHARBIA GOV. Egypt (members only) 2-5 .
MONTASSER FOR IRON AND STEEL QALYOUB Egypt (members only) 5-20 .
THE ARAB CONTRACTORS CAIRO Egypt (members only) 100-500 .
Result Pages: 1  
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