Middle East Steel Conference for Oil and Gas


The MESC 2014 for Oil and Gas will be held from October 21st – 23rd, at The Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

The Theme for MESC 2014 is “Enhancing the quality of steel in the Middle East” and its objective is to create a forum for facilitating the exchange of practical experiences in all aspects of steel production and protection engineering in addition to seeking solutions to the various challenges that materials engineers face.

MESC 2014 will provide an excellent opportunity for regional and international steel producers and related services companies on steel protection and product technology, to connect, network and discuss how to develop innovative ideas and industry solutions that address the growing needs of the oil and gas industries.

Some of the main topics that will be addressed during the technical program of the conference are, enhancing Communication Between Steel Mills, Pipe Manufactures, Construction Makers and End Users. In addition, the conference will address the challenges that engineers face to enhance the life of steel structures using the latest applicable technologies.

MESC 2014 will attract hundreds of international companies, professionals and scientists taking part in the different features of the conference that include sponsorship, exhibition, technical presentation and or simply as delegates. The technical program will feature specialized topics best aimed to meet the needs of material/steel engineers from within the oil & gas sector.

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Steel Producers, Pipe Manufactures, Coating Specialist, Directors, General Manager, Business Development Managers, Pipeline Managers, Pipeline Engineers, Coating Directors, QA/QC managers, Inspection Manager, Technical Managers, Standardization Managers, Raw Material Suppliers, End User, Commercial Managers, Steel Consultants, R&D Executives, Welding Engineers, Corrosion Managers/Engineers, Marketing Managers, Operations Managers, Team Leaders, Sr. Engineers


  • Be a part of the 2014 Middle East Steel Conference headed by the industry and professionals coming together to bridge the gap between Steel Producers, Pipe Manufactures & End Users in Oil & Gas, Chemical & Water Industry
  • Hear from leading experts in Steel & Pipe Industry – Recent Development & Challenges
  • Bench Mark the best practices & Standards Implemented in Middle East
  • Network with major end users, steel producers, pipe manufactures & coating applicators
  • Know the major player’s. Where’s demand headed?
  • An important forum to meet with and be updated on the international steel industry. Understanding the growth and business strategies that mills outside the Middle East are implementing
  • Meet Coating/Cathodic Protection Specialist & Manufacturers / Applicators


Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Emirates Steel, ADMA, GASCO, ADGAS, Petroleum Development Oman PDO, Jotun, Akznobel, Hempel, Hidada, Manifa Coatings, Saudi Steel Pipe, National Pipe Company, Arabian Pipe Company, Unicoil, NOV, Tamimi, Emirates Steel, Welspun, JSW, Essar Steel, Bayer, Arcelor Mittal, Rosen, Olympus, Elcometer, Carboline


The Scope of conference will cover three major areas including pipeline steel, structural steel production, and steel protection using industrial coating. Details of the scope are as follows:

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Pipeline and Tubular products

  • Development of pipes and tubes for Oil & Gas applications.
  • Manufacturing of pipeline and tubular products with enhanced mechanical properties
  • Innovative material solutions for challenging environments such as sour services, corrosive services and high / low temperature conditions
  • Advanced welding and inspection solutions for tubular products.
  • Industry standards outlook on manufacturing and product integrity
  • New technologies and improvements in Nondestructive testing of flat and tubular products
  • Multifaceted focus on Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy for pipeline, tubular and flat products.
  • Knowledge exchange between steel producers, tubular manufacturers and end users

Structural Steel

  • Design for Fatigue, Seismic Design of Steel Buildings, Design of Web-Tapered Members, Cold Form Steel Design, Welding design, Blast Resistant Design in Petrochemical facilities, Design of Mobile Buildings, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Techniques, Sustainability and Green Buildings etc.
  • Steel Making Processes – Mills & Re-rolling mills, Advances in Steel manufacturing technology, Sheet Steel Manufacturing, Wire Rope Manufacturing etc.
  • Material Traceability, Positive Material Identification techniques, Handling of Large Structures (Onshore/Offshore) during Fabrication and Shipping, Material defects, infrastructure defects etc.
  • Industry Welding Processes, Welding metallurgy and defects, Inspection techniques and Repair methodologies etc.

Steel Quality and Standards

  • Application of Nondestructive Testing technologies to ensure pipe and process equipment integrity
  • Development and Improvement in steel inspection programs
  • Role of Riske Based Inspection (RBI) in assuring integrity of pipes and steel structures.
  • In service corrosion detection and fitness for service assessment
  • Structural health monitoring of steel structures
  • New developments in codes, standards and best practices in steel integrity assurance
  • Design for inspectability of steel pipes and structures

Steel Protection

Protective Coatings:

  • Coatings for aggressive service condition
  • Deep-sea coatings
  • High temperature coatings
  • Coating failure analysis
  • Advance inspection method for coating

Cathodic Protection:

  • Possible CP interference on pipelines at congested corridors
  • Effects of high CP potential on coatings and steel pipe
  • Soil resistivity influence on CP adequacy
  • CP for on-shore pipelines


Procurement Of Carbon Steel Pipes And Equipment For Wet Sour Services presented by Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Anezi, Engineering consultant, Saudi Aramco - This workshop covers requirements of materials of construction intended for handling gas/liquid containing water and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) known as wet sour environments.

Welding in the Oil and Gas Industry presented by Dr. Tariq A. Alghamdi Welding Standards, Committee Chairman, Saudi Aramco - This workshop is designed to provide an overall view of the welding and joining definition and importance in oil and gas industries.

Quality Control for Coating Inspection Projects presented by Mr. Thomas A. Jones, Senior Development Specialist, SSPC - This workshop is an overview of various Quality System procedures that may be required by Industrial Painting Contractors.

How to Develop a Comprehensive and Systematic Inspection Plan presented by Mr. Thomas A. Jones, Senior Development Specialist, SSPC - Inspectors require detailed planning to conduct their work both thoroughly and efficiently. This presentation will assist quality control personnel in developing a comprehensive and practical coating and lining inspection plan that covers all phases of the work in sequence.

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REGISTRATION FEE: USD2995 (Full 3 Day Conference)


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