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Iranian steel production up by 8% to reach 3.9 mio tons first half of 2003
2003 November 9

  The International Iron & Steel Institute (IISI) announced an 8 percent growth in the Iranian raw steel manufacturing industry. It reached to 3.9 million tons during the first half of the current year. The total world production rate also experienced an equal hike, reaching some 466 million tons of raw steel. The report added that the European and the North American steel industry corroborated 1.9 and 2 percent increase respectively when compared with the corresponding period last year.

119% increase in Steel imports
2003 November 5

  During the first half of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2003,) Iran has imported more than three million tons of steel, 80 percent more than the reported import for the previous year, an official announced. The figure shows a 119 percent increase in comparison with the corresponding period a year earlier. In 2002, Iran marked a record for importing steel, but, unfortunately, the record rebounded more dramatically in the first half of the current year when it registered an increase of three million ton import. Head of Steel Producers’ Association Khalifeh Soltani referred to the lack of control over import of goods, stressing, "It would not only run the producers at a loss, but also will reduce economic growth and development."
“The private sector has started investing in the steel sector with the encouragement of officials in charge and presently the sector enjoys a 1.2 million ton capacity.” Private sector produced 420,000 tons of steel in the past three months, which shows its highly active roll in the field. . The tariff for imports has declined from 36% to 16% and other import costs have also shown a significant decrease, making conditions much better for importing steel rather than producing it.” Growth of domestic production, balance of supply and demand in the market, and stable tariffs on imported products are among the most effective ways of accelerating economic development, he added.

Ahwaz pipe mill signs new 100.000t HRC contract with Essar India.
2003 September 25

  Essar Steel has signed an agreement with Ahwaz Pipe Mill of Iran to supply 100,000 tonnes of API grade hot-rolled coils.

Ahwaz is largest manufacturer of line pipes in Iran. It was set up under the aegis of the National Iranian Oil Company for manufacture of API grade line pipes.

The company can make 560,000 tonnes a year.

The agreement was signed during a recent visit to India by M.T. Soleimani Ashtiani, managing director of Ahwaz and S.H. Ghorbani, commercial director.

They also visited Essar Steel's plant at Hazira on the west coast of India. This order will be executed over a year from January.

Essar Steel is part of the Essar Group, which has interests in steel, shipping, power, telecom and construction. According to director Prashant Ruia, Essar Steel is executing an order of 70,000 tonnes of API grade hot-rolled coils for Ahwaz, which will be completed in December.

In four years Essar has supplied 100,000 tonnes of hot rolled coils to Ahwaz Pipe Mill.

Essar Steel has a base in Dubai to explore opportunities in the booming Middle East. It exports large quantities of steel products to Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE.

On average, Essar sells 20 per cent of its exports in the Middle East, or approximately 200,000 tonnes worth $60 million.

Essar Steel's modern 2.4 million tonnes per annum hot-rolled coil plant at Hazira, Gujarat, is the first and largest of India's new generation steel mills. World class equipment and high automation at the facility ensure international quality products.

According to Ruia, Essar is a versatile manufacturer with customised products, competing against top-of-the-league international steel producers.

For instance, only a few other world-class manufacturers can make higher API grade and low sulphur AI grade steel suitable for sour product applications.

Essar Steel is India's first integrated steel plant to receive both ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certification for best environment management practice.
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