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Major iron ore reserves discovered
2004 November 8

Four major iron ore mines with total reserves of 3 bln tons have so far been discovered in Iran, a senior mining industry official said on Friday.

Abbasali Eqbali-Zarach, the Ministry of Industries and Mines director general for mine exploitation affairs, told that a huge portion of the country's iron ore reserves have not yet been discovered.

He further noted that most iron ore mines are in the central provinces of Kerman and Yazd.

The official said the government will grant exploration permits to any private company that can discover iron ore reserves.

He called on steel mills to make use of iron ore, instead of scraps, as raw materials in order to improve the quality of their products and attain more success at the international level.

Experts say the national mining industry would manage to extract 10 mln tons of minerals from 3 mln cubic meters of mineral leavings this year. Experts believe priority must be given to mineral processing industries as the export of raw minerals would generate little value-added. They say if Iran exports metals instead of ore, for instance, the value-added will jump by 70-fold.

At present, some 3,400 mines are operating nationwide. The government earns some 57% of the value-added from mineral production and exports.

More than 142 mln tons of minerals were extracted last year, when the country earned some $900 mln from mineral exports.

Private companies are responsible for 90% of the explorations in the mining sector. This is while the state sector exploits the mines and earns the value-added.

Iran's mineral deposits stand at 53 bln tons.

- Iran’s share of the production of 10 mln tons of steel in the Middle East in the first 9 months of 2004, stood at 63%.

16m tons of steel to be produced by 2006
2004 November 6

Iran is to produce 16 mln tons steel through active participation of the private sector during the Fourth Economic Development Plan.

Chairman of the association of steel producers told Petroenergy Information Network that based on the latest reports; total unprocessed steel production in Iran reached 8.362 mln tons last year all of which was produced by state-run plants.

Taqi Bahrami added that 700,000 tons steel was exported last year while 1.78 mln tons were imported.

“Based on the Third Economic Development Plan’s projections, production of unprocessed steel should have increased to 14.7 mln tons, but the goal was not realized,” he noted.

The official stated that based on the latest figures the current domestic production capacity for unprocessed steel stands at abut 12 mln tons.

He added that based on current plans, steel production must reach 16 mln tons by 2006.

16 Steel projects to become operational by 2005
2004 November 2

  Operations to implement 16 projects for production of $1.854 billion worth of unprocessed steel are among the targets of the Third Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2000-05).

The Steel Affairs Department at the Mining Industries and Mineral Development and Renovation Organization reported on Monday that a number of the projects producing $1.233 billion worth of unprocessed steel have become operational, while some others, costing about $621.8 million, are to be commissioned this year.

Some 14,700,000 tons of steel are to be produced a year by the end of the Third Plan. According to the Department, the country's unprocessed steel production capacity rose to 10,500,000 tons a year in 2003 from about 6,710,000 tons in 1998.

Iran exports over 900,000 tons of steel products over 6 months
2004 November 1

  Iran exported over 900,000 tons of various steel products valued at 3 trln and 360 bln rials during the first half of the current Iranian year 1383 (started March 20, 2004).

According to Iran's State News Agency (IRNA), exports of steel products registered an increase of 66% and 208% in terms of weight and value, respectively, compared to the figure in the same period last year (1382), the steel sector of Iran`s Mine and Mining Industries` Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) announced on Sunday. 

Over 4.37 mln tons of steel were produced by Iranian steel production units during the first six months of 1383.

Iran steel imports and exports
2004 October 28

- In the first half of the current Iranian calendar year, one mln tons of steel have been imported to Iran and given the decline in the rate of import tariffs, the figure is expected to rise to 2 mln tons by the end of the year

- Iran’s ‘Foulad Khuzestan Co.’ is predicted to export 600,000 tons of steel bars by the end of the year. The company has been named the best exporting unit in the past Iranian calendar year
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