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Steel Production planned to hit 30m Tons
2004 August 5

Ministry of Industries and Mining is planning to increase domestic steel production to 30 million tons per year 
said the minister of the Industries and Mines.

Es’haq Jahangiri, who was on a visit to industrial units in East Azarbaijan Province, noted that through supports afforded by Ministry of Industries and Mines and credits allocated though the Forex Reserve Fund, Iran could reach the capacity, Petroenergy Information Network (PIN) reported.

The minister also asserted that East Azarbaijan enjoyed suitable potential for steel production and could even export the commodity to neighboring countries.

"During the Third Economic Development Plan, parts of the problems facing industrial development were overcome and special supports were considered to have increased investment in the sector," he noted. Jahangiri said 53 billion tons mineral reserves have been identified in the country, adding, "Mineral industries set the main orientation for industrial development of the country and more geological studies will reveal more reserves.

Production Of Khuzestan Steel Company To Hit 6 Million Tons
2004 August 1

Khuzestan Steel Company is planning to increase steel production to 6 million tons per year by constructing a 2-million-ton plant, Eidi Mohammad Karousnejad, deputy manager of the company was quoted by PIN as saying on Saturday.

He added that the Investment Committee of Mines and Mineral Industries Development Organization has approved the increase of the capacity to 800,000 tons of unprocessed steel.

He further said that Iran National Steel Company was planning to increase domestic output production to 25 million tons during the Fourth Economic Development Plan up to the year 2009, with Khuzestan's share of domestic steel production to hit 24 percent.

Over 30,000 Tons Of Galvanized Steel Sheets Marketed by Mobarakeh
2004 July 31

  Since the production line of the galvanized steel sheets has been operational in Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Plant, more than thirty thousand tons of these sheets have found way into domestic markets.

Mahdi Taj, marketing and sale director of Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Plant, said that during the past years, the galvanized steel sheet required by the country was being imported, adding the galvanized steel sheets produced by Mobarakeh Steel fulfill a large portion of domestic needs.

The value of the galvanized steel sheets is about 170 billion rials, he declared, saying that these sheets are used in household appliances industry, gas cylinders, thermal converters, air conditioning industries, and warehouse.

Taj said in conclusion that the prices of the galvanized steel sheets of Mobarakeh are determined through the stock exchange market and that they are lower in price than the foreign products.

He added that this factory is making efforts to raise the quality of its products.

Iran's Mobarakeh Steel Complex exports 0.3m tons of steel products
2004 July 26

  The Mobarakeh Steel Complex has exported 0.3m tons of its steel products over the past two months, much higher than the previous monthly export of the complex which was between 30,000 to 40,000 tons.

The products were exported to Spain, Belgium, France, Dubai, Italy and India, the complex's exports manager, Davoud Khadem said. 

He added the rising trend of complex's exports has paved the way for export of another 900,000 to one million tons of products to foreign countries. 

The Mobarakeh Steel Complex is affiliated to the National Iranian Steel Company (NISCO) and is located in the central province of Isfahan. 

It is the first integrated flat steel production plant in Iran and its production capacity is estimated at 2.8m tons per year. 

Esfahan Steel Co. Production Capacity To Hit 3.4m Tons Per Year
2004 July 26

With implementation of Balance Plan, Esfahan Steel Company will annually produce 3.4 million tons steel. The above was mentioned following the visit of Minster of Industries and Mines, Es’haq Jahangiri from various sections of 
Balance Plan in Esfahan Steel Company and said: “The mentioned plan will be implemented in 2006.” Jahangiri termed the project as one of the most important projects in steel industry of the country and said: “We will witness implementation of the plan before termination of the current Iranian calendar year of 2006 with construction of a blast furnace with a production capacity of 1.4 million tons cast-iron with investment costing over $350 million.” He also elaborated on prospects of Iran’s steel industry during the Fourth Five-Year Socioeconomic and Cultural Development Plan (2005-2010) and said: “Given steel as one of pivotal criteria for development and economic prosperity of the country coupled with high potential of energy such as South Pars Gas Field as well as exploration of 2 billion tons iron ore have placed Iran as one of the chief countries for steel production in the world.”

The minister of industries and mines also revealed about the willingness of foreign investors for making investment in rich and high potential of Iran reserves in the field of gas, energy and iron ore industries. To put an end to his remarks, Jahangiri also referred to drawing up necessary plans for development of steel industry before termination of 1400 and said: “Due to high and extant potential in country’s steel production, Iran will get the lion’s share of steel industry in the world.”
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