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Iron Ore Production Facing 1.5m Tons Shortfall This Year in Iran Iran - 2004 June 30

Iran’s production of iron ore in 2004 stands at 11.2 million tons, while the country needs 12.7 million tons to meet industry demands, leaving a shortfall of 1.5 million tons, news reports said. 

Isfahan Foundry requires 3.3 million tons of iron ore 2.5 million tons of which is provided by the Bafq Ore Mines with some other 0.8 million tons supplied by the Chador Melo Mines. The foundry’s 200,000 tons of iron ore needed for the plant are also provided by the Chador Melo Mines. 

Meanwhile, Mobarekeh Steel Plant need 6 million tons of iron ore concentrate, 202 million tons of which are supplied by Gol Gahar–e-Sirjan and 3.3 million tons from Chador Melo Mines.

This year’s production from the giant mines Gol Gahar–e-Sirjan, Chador Melo and Bafq will be 3.4, 5.3 and 5.2 million tons respectively, the report concluded.

Khuzestan Steel Production To Hit 4.2m Tons Annually
2004 June 29

Deputy managing director of Khuzestan Steel Company announced that the company will increase its output to 4.2 million tons per year during the Fourth Economic Development Plan.

Eidi Mohammad Karus-Nejad announced that the first phase of the company was to produce 2.4 million tons steel, which increased to 3.2 million tons during the second phase and the figure is planned to hit 4.2 million tons by the end of the Fourth Economic Development Plan.

The official said Ministry of Industries and Mines has recently approved a plan for establishing a steel mill in Khorramshahr that will increase provincial steel production by 2 million tons.

“At present, 35% of the company’s products are exported and 65% are used domestically,” he noted.

Iran’s steel production is to increase from 14.7 million tons per year to 25 million tons per annum during the Fourth Economic Development Plan.

Tehran Metal Exchange Starts Zinc Ingot Trading
2004 June 22

  In a bid to diversify the range of products offered at Tehran Metal Exchange (TME), the TME began trading in zinc ingots as of Sunday.

Over 60 tons of zinc ingots with a purity rate of 99.5% were introduced to the market by three listed companies. 

Demand for the metal reached 820 tons and the total monetary value topped rls 612 million.

Currently there are 29 zinc producing units throughout the country with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons and actual production of 80,000 tons per year.

TME is expected to turn into an international market, especially in the Middle East, in the near future given growing engagement of foreign producers in its dealings, said an official.

A TME broker Farzad Heybati told IRNA that Iran can serve as a center for exchange of iron sows and semis among neighboring states.

Heybati said many neighboring states have thus far voiced readiness to get engaged in the exchanges with Russia with the UAE already putting their iron products on sale on the market.

He said many plants in the said countries hoped to be able to exchange their products at the TME shortly.

He added that the neighboring states lacked such legal and systematic exchanges and most of their dealings are made on local markets.

For the first time South African aluminum sheets are to be offered on the market in December.

The domestic consumers are quite enthusiastic for foreign items including imported products from Russia, South Africa, Romania and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Steel-related items are in highest demand by the domestic producers and Iran needs to import three million tons of steel products.

Increasing presence of foreign suppliers in the TME will further facilitate inroads on international markets by the TME.

IDB Extends Loan to Sadid Pipe and Profile Mfg. Co.
2004 June 15

  The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) offered a loan worth of 12 million euros to Sadid Pipe and Profile Mfg. Company, for supplying the required equipment.

The managing director of Sadid Industrial-Manufacturing Company said: “The company has purchased the first consignment of required steel plate for manufacturing spiral pipes of 56", for the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC),” adding that the cargo is on the way to the country.

He pointed out that it's the first time, that spiral pipes with 56 inches dia, applicable for oil and gas transferring pipeline, are produced in the country and said that manufacturing this pipe has been made in line with policies of the Ministry of Oil for direct support from domestic industries.

The production of the said pipe will go on stream with annual production capacity of 200,000 tons in cooperation with the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGS) by Sadid Pipe and Profile Mfg. Company.

He further noted to commissioning pilot project for manufacturing three-layer polyethylene coat with annual production capacity of 3 million square meter and said: “Due to owning state of the art equipment and tools, all manufactured pipe by the company will be coated into three layers in the near future and all other dispatched pipe by the National Iranian Gas Company will be equipped with the new system.”

The managing director of Sadid Company said that they presently export spiral pipes for water supply projects to the Persian Gulf littoral states, based on internationally accepted standards.

INSIG Exports 4700 t steel rebars Consignment To Bahrain
2004 June 15

The National Iranian Steel Industrial Group (INSIG) managed to export its first consignment of rod to 
Bahrain in line with realizing the objectives of steel industry of the country in 1383 (started March 19, 2004).

Engineer Fayezi the commercial deputy of the company said: “For the first time ever, the company managed to export 4,700 tons rod sizes 8-32mm to Bahrain,” adding that due to high quality of material, the Bahraini side expressed its readiness to increase the volume of export to the destination.
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