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Steel Price Hikes Raises Gas Pipeline Costs
2004 April 22

A sharp increase in the global steel prices will increase by 30% the costs for the eight national gas pipeline, a relevant official said. "The costs for implementing the fourth pipeline project are estimated at 1.25b Rls. Moreover, one billion dollars are earmarked for 10 pressure boosters," Saeed Setoudeh, executor of the project, told the Petroenergy Information Network. "We have to revise our costs for the project because the steel prices are on the rise," he said. The project stretches on 1,250 kilometers of land. It starts from Assaluyeh and passes through Abadeh and Isfahan to reach Tehran. The pipeline is supposed to supply gas to the cities in Kerman and Hormuzgan provinces. Iran's steel production which stood at 4.9m tons in 1998 has reached 8m tons and will increased to 25m tons by the end of the Fourth Economic Development Plan.

Epoxy Plant to be established in Ahvaz Steel Pipe
2004 April 18

Ahvaz Pipe Manufacturing Company is planning to establish an epoxy plant. A report issued by the Public Relations Department of the company announced that the move followed a directive by the National Iranian Gas Company. Preliminary steps to set up the plant over 2,700 sq. m. have started and it will come on-stream in October. Following a request by the National Iranian Gas Company to increase epoxy layer in gas pipes to about 200 microns, Ahvaz Pipe Manufacturing Company has changed the section’s machinery. The new machinery would become operational by late June to increase thickness of epoxy layer to 400 microns.

Iran builds its own gas turbines, generators and boilers
2004 April 18

More than 85% of the materiel required for the power stations is built inside the country, managing-director of MAPNA told. "MAPNA has in the past four years managed to lay the foundation for domestic manufacture of infrastructures for the power industry," Moussa Rafan said, adding that the company has saved around 2,000b Rls. "Iran can now build gas turbines, generators and boilers. We intend to take advantage of potentials in our country," he said. A deputy minister of energy earlier said construction of power stations in the country relies on domestic technological savvy for 90%. Mohammad Ahmadian, deputy minister for power affairs, told PIN that MAPNA subsidiaries are involved in producing the equipment for power plants. The official stated that MAPNA will sell its shares on the stock market by March 2005, adding that its subsidiaries will be also privatized. "Therefore, we can collect scattered capitals in the country and let the private sector get involved in power stations," he said. The private sector is determined to handle construction of power plants in the country. Privatization of the power stations lies within the framework of the Third Five-Year Economic Recovery Plan and the government should support the private sector. The wealthy Mostazafan and Janbazan Foundation (MJF) and the Social Security Organization are in the line to handle the power plants. The Ministry of Energy is envisioning privatization of 70% of its power plants but the government has to give concessions to the private sector.

Ahvaz to Build Steel Pipe Mill in cooperation with Europipe
2004 April 18

  Ahvaz Pipe Manufacturing Company is in the process of setting up a new pipe mill in cooperation with Europipe, the company said Saturday. Hassan Benvari, director of the Public Relations Department at the company, told that the new mill would be made on 25,000 square meters of land. He said that the new mill will offer pipes under "roll bending" method. The new mill is supposed to come online by Sept 2005, he said, adding that the mill is being built to save costs. Benvari said Ahvaz Pipe Manufacturing Company salvaged more than $6.234m in the past year. According to Europipe however, this is only an idea and not yet a project. The Iranian company produces welded tubes and pipes for the gas, oil and water industries. Its mills are based in Ahwaz, in southwestern Iran, near the Iraqi border.

Iran Reduces Hot Rolled Coil Duty to 10%
2004 April 17

Iran has recently reduced the duty on imports of hot rolled coil to 10% from 15% due to rising prices. It is stated that strong local demand coupled with the insufficiency of the mills’ meeting demand, Iran has to import hot rolled coils from other countries. The reduction in the duty is coherent with the budget plan of the Iran government, sources reported. The duties on other steel products keep their levels of previous year, with the exception of the duty on angles up to 80mm. The duty on the subject material has been increased to 15% from its previous level of 10%. The duties on slab, billet and other semi-products keep its 4% level. The duty on finished steel products is 10%, while duty on rebar is 20%.

Iran able to be Forerunner in Refractory Industry
2004 April 13

Due to rich mines resources as well as strong potentials; Iran is able to turn into a pioneering country on refractories' in the region, the Public Relations Dept. of Iran University of Science and Technology announced. The secretary of the International Conference on Refractories', Dr. Farhad Golestanifard said: "Other countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia intend to be pioneering countries on refractories' industry but too hard to compete with our country." He also pointed to the specifications of the refractories' as a layer and lining for wall of industrial furnaces which plays a key role in development of parent industries such as steel, petrochemical, cement, copper, aluminum and ceramics. Academic board member of Metallurgy Engineering Faculty of the Iran University of Science and Technology listed the main aims behind organizing the aforementioned conference such as realizing self-sufficiency, using existing potentials to infiltrate regional markets, upgrading technical know-how on refractories', increasing volume of exports, etc. It should be mentioned that International Conference on Refractories' will be held on May 4-6, 2004 at Summit Conference Hall in Tehran.

3 Major Projects to Be Implemented at Mobarakeh Steel Complex
2004 April 13

Three major projects at Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Complex will be put into operation next week in the presence of First Vice President Mohammad Reza Aref. Speaking to reporters, deputy head of the complex's project development department, Mohammad Rajaei, said here Monday that the three finalized projects consist of `Promotion of Galvanized Sheets Production', `Colored Sheets' and `Mobarakeh Steel Complex Power House'. He put the execution expenses of the 100-MW power station at 32m euros plus Rls 10b while that of the two other projects amount to 91m marks plus Rls 290b. Turning to galvanized and colored sheet production plants as the first and largest of the kind in Iran and even the Middle East, he noted that they have been commissioned by Iranian experts under supervision of foreign consultants. Once the plants start operation, they would supply around 300,000 tons of sheets. They would respond to domestic demand for the specified products, which were so far imported from overseas. "The credits for the projects have been extended by the complex internal funds," he added. He noted that the projects provide 300 direct and 8,000 indirect employment opportunties. "Galvanized sheets are used in making parts of home appliances, kitchen utensils, space structures, spare parts for agricultural machinery and vehicle spare parts," he said. Referring to the capacity of the 200-MW internal power station of Mobarakeh Steel Complex, he said that once the new power station becomes operational, power generation capacity would increase by 100 MWs.
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