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Iran,Exports over dlrs 4b worth of industrial,Mineral products
2005 April 12

April 12, IRNA -Over 14.5 million tons of mineral and industrial products valued at over four billion dollars were exported from Iran in the last Iranian calendar year of 1383 (ended March 20, 2005), Iran's Mine House announced Tuesday.
   The exported products indicated rises of 30.6 percent and 13.6 percent in terms of value and weight respectively, compared to 1382.
   Ironware, petrochemical, chemical and oil products, clothing, foodstuff, automobiles and spare parts, detergent and handicrafts were among the main industrial and mineral products exported from the country during the same period.

Economic news in brief (April 12,2005)

  Qeshm’s handcraftsmanship income reaches Rls.5b

TEHRAN – Director of the Qeshm Free Zone Handicraft Producers Office said that the island obtained some five billion rials from selling its handicrafts last year.

“Since 2001, over 1900 people have enthusiastically participated in the educational courses on handicraft making in Qeshm,” he added, implying that people are still registering for the classes. The art-industry has recently become a common field of interest and work for the youth in the southern island.

Austrians to invest in Chabahar’s steel mill project

TEHRAN – Austrian investors are to put their money in the construction project of a giant steel mill in the southern port city of Chabahar.

The Austrian side is expected to provide a 100-million-dollar finance for the project. The factory will produce steel ingots and other products out of iron wastes. Some 1300 billion rials, half of which in construction plans, have been invested in various projects in Chabahar since it was officially declared a free trade zone several years ago. Meanwhile, a new commercial dock, with a capacity of 100,000 tons, will come into operation in this port city within the next three months.

20-day exports to Iraq exceed 20,000 tons

TEHRAN – An official in Shalamcheh customs office stated that they exported in excess of 20 thousand tons of commodities to Iraq in the first 20 days of the New Iranian Year.

“One hundred trucks and trailers carry large non-oil goods to the Iraqi ports every day via the international border of Shalamcheh,” he added, pointing to cement, metalwork, non-alcoholic beverages, natural and farm fish, mineral water and home appliances as the main items that are exported to Iraq. Last year, some 500,000 tons of goods, valued at $110 million, were transported to Iraq via Shalamcheh. The city, which is located 16km west of Khorramshahr, lies in the borderline between Iran and Iraq.
rn corner of the northeastern province of Golestan.

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