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Company City Country Tel Steel tons handled per year (kt) Brief Description
ACECAD SOFTWARE LTD Click to send email DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) >1000 Software solutions for construction and steelwork contracting and for fabrication processing.
ARIADIS MIDDLE EAST Click to send email DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) <.1 Software for cut and bent rebar factory management;production with cutting optimisation, delivery, invoicing modules
EDRC GLOBAL Click to send email DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) <.1 CAD/CAE and Manufacturing services to the metal industry.
INQUBATE Click to send email DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) .1-.5 Construction, software, CAD, CNC, piping, Autocad.
TEKLA Click to send email DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) <.1 Building & Construction 3D modelling building industry BIM system structural design conceptual design to detailing fabrication and construction
SANAFAFE Click to send email KARACHI Pakistan (members only) <.1 Mechanical & structural designers + reseller of world's most advanced CAD/CAM softwares
UNION INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING Click to send email KUWAIT CITY Kuwait (members only) <.1 Suppliers of new and used structural steel processing machines, material handling & welding equipment
JORDAN EST FOR OVERHEAD CRANES Click to send email AMMAN Jordan (members only) . Steel structural software and machinery,drilling,beam cutting, angle punching,plasma cutting shoot blast,roll forming,shears, press-brake,cranes
OTAD SANAT NOVIN Click to send email TEHRAN Iran (members only) .1-.5 "Sensors for rolling mills", "Non-contact Thermometery","industrial marking systems","Furnace control systems", Monitoring, industrial networking, ...
KEMET CORP. Click to send email CAIRO Egypt (members only) .1-.5 CAD/CAM/CAE S/W APLICATIONS,
PRIMASOFT- (EGYPTIAN SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS) Click to send email CAIRO Egypt (members only) <.1 Software Automation & Billingual ERP Solutions for Manufacturing as well as Trading entities
AL RYADH DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) <.1 .
CONSTRUCTIVE GROUP DUBAI U.A.E. (members only) 50-100 .
ABB AUTOMATION CAIRO Egypt (members only) 500-1000 .
MAHMOUD & YASSER CAIRO Egypt (members only) <.1 .
PROMECH CAIRO Egypt (members only) .5-2 .
PROTEC CO CAIRO Egypt (members only) <.1 .
Result Pages: 1  
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