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In 2017, the Chinese steel market continued to improve, thanks to the deepened supply-side reform and the success in reducing excess production capacity, with increased capacity utilization rate, rallied steel prices, record-setting profit, and decreased steel exports.

Will steel producers continue to make big profit in 2018? Will supply-side reform continue to support strong steel prices? Will the downstream sectors continue to help maintain the delicate balance between demand and supply? Where will Chinese steel export be heading with the global market warming up?

To address these questions and share their insights, the 16th International Steel Market and Trade Conference will again bring together leaders and experts of the Chinese and the world steel industries.

With the participation of all major Chinese steel producers, steel traders and steel buyers, plus the concurrent business matching salon, the conference will be a unique place to understand market trends, know people and do business.

Serving as an official platform for CISA to release its annual review and forecast of the Chinese steel market, a vehicle for information exchange and dialogue between CISA and its counterparts around the world, and most importantly a window for the Chinese steel industry to understand the world and the world steel community to understand China, the Steel Market and Trade Conference has been successfully convened for 15 times since its establishment in 2000 and has become one of the most important steel events in the world.

Main Topics of the Conference

  • Chinese Economy Outlook and its Influence on the Steel Industry;
  • Supply-side Structural Reform, Reducing Excess Capacity and Consequences to the Steel Market;
  • Chinese Steel Industry and Steel Market Outlook;
  • World Steel Market and Major Regional Steel Markets Update;
  • China’s Steel Import & Export: Detailed Analysis and Outlook;
  • Performance of the Main Steel Consuming Sectors and their Steel Demand;
  • Surviving Strategies for Steel Enterprises and Steel Traders;
  • The Development of Steel Trading E-platforms;
  • Risk Management with Steel Futures.

Who should attend

Procurement and sales managers, executives and analysts of steel producers, steel traders, steel processors and distributors, steel end-users, steel making raw material suppliers and concerned financial institutions, investors, engineering firms and logistics service providers, etc.

More than 350 delegates from 180 companies around the world attended the last conference in Tangshan.

Preliminary Program

Conference Program

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 Registration

10:00-20:00 Registration at Xi'an Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel
18:00-21:30 Buffet Dinner at AtriumCoffee , 3rd Floor

Thursday, 29 March 2018 Conference at Grand Ballroom, 5th Floor

Morning Session

Chairman: Mr. Wang Yingsheng, Vice Secretary General and Director of Market Research Dept. of CISA

09:00-09:30 Keynote Speech and Opening Remarks: China’s Steel Industry: the Performance in 2017 and Prospects of 2018

  • Mr. Wang Liqun, Vice Chairman, China Iron and Steel Association

09:30-10:00 The Chinese Economy and the Real Estate Sector in 2017 and Prospects for 2018

  • Madame Ren Xingzhou, Researcher of Institute of Market Economy, Development Research Center of China

10:00-10:30 Policy Environment and Development Tendency of Chinese Steel Industry

  • Mr. Li Xinchuang, Vice Chairman, CISA President, China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

10:30-10:40 Q&A

10:40-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-11:10 Adapt to the New Normal and Seize New Opportunities Build the Global HBIS by Improving Global Resources Allocation Capabilities.

  • Hesteel Group Co., Ltd.

11:10-11:30 The Development and Practice of China Baowu Marketing

  • China Baowu Steel Group Corporation

11:30-11:50 The Strategy and Practice of Shangang Marketing

  • Shaanxi Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

11:50-12:10 Exerting the Function of Futures to Serve Steel Industry

  • Mr. Chen Ye, Senior Manager, Shanghai Futures Exchange

12:10-12:20 Q&A

12:30-14:00 Buffet Lunch at AtriumCoffee , 3rd Floor

Afternoon Session

Chairman: Mr. Jim Su, Director of International Cooperation Dept. of CISA

13:30-13:50 North American Steel Market Update

  • Mr. Philip K. Bell, President, Steel Manufacturers Association

13:50-14:10 ASEAN Iron & Steel Industry and ASEAN—China Steel Trade

  • Mr. Dato' Soh Thian Lai, Vice President, ASEAN Iron and Steel Council

14:10-14:30 Developing Status and Trends of the Latin American Steel Industry

  • Mr. Rafael Rubio, Director General, Latin American Steel Association

14:30-14:50 Korean Steel Market in 2018

  • Mr. Song Jae Bin, Vice Chairman, Korea Iron & Steel Association

14:50-15:10 Current Status of Steel Market and Supply and Demand of the Steel in Japan and the Outlook for the Year of 2018

  • Mr. Motofumi Kusachi, Chief Representative, the Japan Iron and Steel Federation Beijing Office

15:10-15:20 Q&A

15:20-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-15:50 New Steel Circulation: Promote Efficiency, Service and Brand via E-commerce

  • Mr. Liu Changqing, Chairman, Beijing Lange E-commerce Co., Ltd.

15:50-16:10 Chinese Steel Market Analysis

  • Mr. Xia Xiaokun, Vice President, Shanghai Ganglian E-commerce Holdings Co., Ltd.

16:10-16:30 Chinese Steel Export from Minmetals Experiences

  • Mr. Jin Xiaoguang, Vice President, Minmetals Development Co., Ltd.

16:30-16:50 The Development and Practice of Magang Marketing

  • Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd.

16:50-17:10 International Marketing Strategy for China's Steel Industry

  • Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd.

17:10-17:30 The Position and Function of Large Steel Trade Enterprises in the Steel Ecosphere

  • Tewoo Group

17:30-17:50 Past, Present and Future of China’s Steel Industry

  • Dr. Paul Butterworth, Research Manager, Steel Raw Materials and Steel Costs, CRU

17:50-18:00 Q&A

18:00-18:20 Panel Discussion on Steel Market

  • Chairman: Mr. Jim Su, Director of International Cooperation Dept. of CISA
  • Panelist:
    Mr. Chen Ye / Mr. Liu Changqing / Mr. Xia Xiaokun /
    Mr. Jin Xiaoguang / Dr. Paul Butterworth / Magang / Tewoo Group

18:30-20:30 Conference Dinner at Sampan Chinese Restaurant, 4th Floor

Friday, 30 March 2018

Steel Exports Forum and Business Matching Salon at Sampan Chinese Restaurant, 4th Floor

09:00-09:30 The Overview of Chinese Steel Import and Export

  • Market Research Department, CISA

09:30-11:00 Other Invited Speakers

11:00-12:00 The Supply and Demand Matching Salon

12:00-13:00 Buffet Lunch at AtriumCoffee, 3rd Floor

14:00-16:00 China-ASEAN Steel Bilateral Meeting at Multifunctional Conference

  • Room1, 5th Floor (Invited Delegates Only)

13:30-16:00 Field Trip

Companies ATTENDING in 2016 includeD:
Acerinox Shanghai Co.,Ltd. Shandong Huifu Color Steel Co., Ltd.
AHCOF Futures Co.,Ltd. Shandong Huimin Science &Technology Co., Ltd.
Angang Group International Panzhihua Co., Ltd. Shandong Shouguang Juneng Special Steel Co.,Ltd.
Angang Group International Trade Corporation Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd.
Ansteel Group Corporation Shanghai Dongzheng Futures Co.,Ltd.
AVIC International Minerals and Resources Co., Ltd. Shanghai Futures Exchage 
AYGAZ A.Ş. Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings Co., Ltd.
Bahru Stainless Sdn Bhd Shanghai Steelhome E-commerce Co., Ltd.
Baosteel Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Baotou Steel International Economic and Trading Co., Ltd. Sinogiant Steel Holdings Group Limited
Beijing Foresight Project Management Consulting Co.,Ltd. Sino-Korea (Beijing) Steel Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Fortune Steel Intertrade Ltd Sinomaterial International Co., Ltd.
Beijing Haide Trading Co., Ltd. Sinosteel Resources India Private Ltd.
Beijing Lange E-Commerce Co., Ltd. South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute (SEAISI)
Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. Steel Asia Manufacturing Corp.
Beijing Xingtai Steel Weldmesh & Tech Dev. Co., Ltd. Steel Manufacturers Association
Beite Futures Co., Ltd. Steelco (Shanghai) Limited
Benxi Steel Group Corporation Swan Goose Shipping & Logistics Co.,Ltd.
BV-VEO Standards Technical Co., Ltd. Tan Phnoe Khana Trading & Manufacturing Coil Steel JSC
Chang Fuli (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Tangsh Guye Hanchuan Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Chengde Jianlong Special Steel CO.,LTD Tangsha Port Group Co., Ltd.
China Chamber of Commerce for Metallurgical Enterprises Tangshan  Fengrun Longteng Steel Co., Ltd. 
China Futures Association Tangshan  Honghai Trading CO., LTD
China Investment Futures Co.,Ltd.Beijing Branch Tangshan  Shoutang Baosheng Functional Materials Co.,Ltd.
China Iron and Steel Association Tangshan  Tianyuda Steel Plate CO.,Ltd.
China Metallurgical Indusry Planning and Research Institute Tangshan  Zhicheng Steel Rolling Co.,Ltd.
China Metallurgical Information and Standardization Institute Tangshan Baiyi Galvanized Square Pipe Factory
China Metallurgical News Tangshan Baochun E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
China Minmetals Shenzhen Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Caofeidian Steel Logistics Co., Ltd.
China Rallway Materials East China Group International Trade Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Dequan Bearing Co.,Ltd.
CITIC Futures Company Limited Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
CRU Group Tangshan Fengrun Jinhang Steel Co. Ltd.
Development Research Center of China Tangshan Fengrun Jinyuan Precision Castings Factory
Fujian Sangang Minguang Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Fengrun Ruilong Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd.
Gansu Jiugang Group Hongxin Steel Co.,Ltd Tangshan Fengrun Yingsheng Colour Steel Co.,Ltd,
Global Trading Company Tangshan Fengrun ZWZDH Autoequipment Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou GISE New Material Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Fushunde Trade Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Guangdong Leatop Bldg Materials Tech Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Gangganghao E-Business Co.,Ltd
Guoyuan Futures Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. 
Guye Hongquan High-frequency Welded Pipe Factory Tangshan Grand Faith Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou CIEC International Co., Ltd. Tangshan Guofeng Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd.
HBIS Company Limited Chengde Company Tangshan Huatuo Trading Co.,Ltd.
HBIS Company Limited Handan Company Tangshan Iron and Steel Association
HBIS Group Tanshan Company Tangshan Jing Yin Trading Co.,Ltd. 
Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Tangshan Kaiping District Theanol Thermocouple Factory
Hebei Logistics Group Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Tangshan Lianchuang Steel Making Science & Tech. Co., Ltd.
Hebei Tianzhu Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Lunan District
Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Qianjin Steel Co., Ltd. 
Hebei Yuxuan International Trading Co., Ltd. Tangshan Reget Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Hebei Zhuonan International Trading Co., Ltd. Tangshan Shengcai Steel Co., Ltd.
Hebei Xuanlong Steel Rolling Co.,Ltd. Tangshan State Special Refractories Co., Ltd. 
Heibei Longmao Trading Co.,Ltd Tangshan Strong Logistics Co., Ltd. 
Hesteel Group Co.,Ltd. Tangshan Wenfeng Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Huadian heavy industry Limited by Share Ltd Tangshan XinbaoTai Iron and steel Co.,Ltd.
Huanghua dachuan machinery manufacturing co., LTD Tangshan Zhuokun Trading Co.,Ltd.
Industrial Futures Tangshang Delong Steel
International Molybdenum Association(IMOA) Tanshan Chunxing Special Steel Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Iron And Steel Industry Association Tewoo Luckyworld Ltd
Jiangsu Province Binxin Steel Group Co., Ltd. Thai Wire Products PLC
Jiangsu Yonggang Group Co., Ltd. The Chinese Society for Metals 
Jizhong Energy Intl. Logistics New Iron Materials Co., Ltd The Japan Iron and Steel Federation Beijing Office 
JLC Network Technology Co.,Ltd. The People's Government of Tangshan
Korea Iron & Steel Association (KOSA) Tianjin Daqiang Steel Co.,Ltd.
Lingyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Tianjin Huayuan Metal Wire Products Co., Ltd.
Lingyuan Iron and Steel International Trading Co., Ltd. Tianjin Huayuan Times Metal Products Co.Ltd,
Luanxian Jinma Industry Co., Limited Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co.,Ltd
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Tianjin Jiwu Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
Macsteel Tianjin Morgan-Kundom Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
Mesteel Tianjin Pipe Int'l Economic & Trading Corporation
Metal Bulletin Shanghai Office Tianjin Wuchan Group Co.,Ltd
Metal Expert Tiantie  First Steel Rolling Co.,Ltd.
Metallurgical Council of CCPIT UK CARES
Minmetals & Jingyi Futures Co., Ltd. Vale Minerals China Co.,Ltd.
Minmetals Development Co., Ltd. Weifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.
MINMETALS STEEL CO.,LTD World Steel Association Beijing Office
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (China) Co.,Ltd.Nanjing Branch Wu'an Yuhua Steel Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Gas Turbine Services (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Wugang Group Kunming Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd.
Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Xi'an Weikeduo Electrial & Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Ovako Imatra Oy Ab Xinda Futures
Ovako Steel Finland Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp., Ltd.
PanGang Group Internationnal Ecomomic & Trading Co.,Ltd Yihui Group Co., Ltd.
PT Ispat Indo YKGI Holdings Berhad
Qian'an Rental Metal Products Co., Ltd. Yunnan Kungang International Trade Co.,Ltd.
Qingdao U&Me Trading Co.,Ltd. ZHD Steel Co.,Ltd.
QUEEN S International Trading Co, Inc. Zhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd.
RAM DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş Zhejiang Metals and Materials Co.
Sales Company of Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Zibo Fengyang Color Coated Steel Co., Ltd.
Shandong Chuanyang Group Co. Ltd. Zouping Changshan Calf Metal Material Co., Ltd. 

Registration and Fee

The delegates are asked to fill in and send the REGISTRATION FORM together with THE PROOF OF PAYMENT.

Registration Fee Non-MEsteel Members MEsteel members 10% discount
USD1500 USD1350

The fee is inclusive of documentation, translation, conference venues, refreshments, lunches and dinners, etc and does not include the cost of travel & accommodation.

Venue & Hotel Accommodation

Xi'an Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel
Tel: +86-316-79287955; Fax: +86-29-87864577; Email:

Reservation should be made directly with the hotel. Accommodation is not included in the registration fee and should be paid by delegates at the hotel check-in. Click here to download the hotel reservation form.


Visas are the responsibility of individual delegates. However, if you require a letter of invitation, please contact us with your personal data such as nationality, date of birth, passport number and job title.

For further information, you may contact:
Registration can only be confirmed upon the receipt of payment or proof of payment. The deadline for advance registration will be March 18, 2018. After this date, registration can only be made by cash on the conference site. *An additional USD50 will be charged for on-site registration even though the registration form has been received beforehand. Cancellations are not refundable although delegate substitution could be accepted.