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The XIII Steel Development Strategy Conference organized in Shanghai, China, during April 21-23, 2017 attracts delegates from government, various associations, steel mills, mines, trading companies and research institutes.

The conference will bring nearly 150 Chinese steel mills and over 300 large-scale steel traders, providing a platform for delegates from around the world to interact with them. The conference will be the perfect opportunity to share your views and expand your professional network.

Topics to Discuss Include:

  • Where will steel prices go in 2017?
  • How about Chinese steelmakers’ export plans in 2017?
  • Will capacity and facilities transfer work out on relieving China’s supply pressure?
  • Will the government continue to cut capacity or accelerate industry acquisition and reorganization in 2017?
  • Other topics also include macro economy, steel industry polices, steelmakers’ transformation and upgrading, export rebate;

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Conference Program:

Workshop (Friday Afternoon, April 21, 2017)

  • Room A: SHFE Steel Futures Panel
  • Room B: Special Steel Conference
  • Room C: Steel Export Workshop

Macro Economy & Steel Industrial Development Strategy (Saturday Morning, April 22, 2017)

  • China Economy and Financial Trend & Policies in 2017
  • International Economic Trend amid Anti-globalization Tide
  • New Characteristics of Steel & Coal Industries De-capacity Measures in 2017
  • New Structure · New Supply · New Solution

Steel Market (Saturday Afternoon, April 22, 2017)

  • De-capacity Influences on Steel Market
  • Industry Financialization Influences on Steel Mills’ Marketing Policy
  • Will Crackdown on Ditiaogang Lead to Interim Supply Shortage?
  • 2017 Steel Price Trend Prediction
  • Opportunities and Challenges China Steel Export Facing with
  • How will Steel E-commerce Develop?
  • Outlook on Southeast Asia and Middle East Steel Market

Raw Materials and Fuel Markets (Saturday Afternoon, April 22, 2017)

  • Opportunities &Risks of Raw Materials and Fuel Markets in 2017
  • Analysis and Forecast on 2017 Coke Market
  • Steel Enterprises Purchasing Strategy Adjustment After Industry Financialization
  • Analysis on Coke Export and Outlook on International Coke Demand
  • China Mines’ Production Resumption and Outlook
  • Analysis and Forecast on 2017 Coal Market
  • International Large Mines Supply/demand Situation
  • Analysis on China Imported Coking Coal & PCI Demand and Transaction Risks
  • Development and Challenges of Overseas Emerging Mines
  • Impact of Coal Industry De-capacity Policy
  • Discussion on New Iron Ore Pricing Model
  • Coal Tax Reform and Impo/expo Policies
  • How Should Steel Mills Do After Scrap Price Advantage Highlighted

Financial Derivatives (Saturday Afternoon, April 22, 2017)

  • Iron ore, Coal, Coke and Steel Futures Operation
  • Futures Operation Logic and Investment in 2017
  • Steel Enterprises Futures

Downstream Industries (Saturday Afternoon, April 22, 2017)

  • Real Estate Market Situation and Outlook
  • Outlook on 2017 China Mechanical Industry Development
  • Influences of New Policies on China Automobile Industry
  • China Shipbuilding Steel Opportunities in 2017
  • Opportunities and Challenges of China Household Appliance Industry

International Market (Room I: Sunday Morning, April 23, 2017)

  • International Steel Market Supply and Demand China Export Policy and Shipment Strategy
  • International Iron Ore Mines Cost and Projects Update
  • International Coal Supply and Price Scenario

E-commerce Summit (Room II: Sunday Morning, April 23, 2017)

  • China E-commerce Development Strategy and Related Policies
  • Trading Enterprises’ Position and Development in E-commerce
  • Discussion on E-commerce Platform
  • Development Path and Mode
  • E-commerce Platform Practices and Experience in Construction Industry
  • Realization of Purchasing & Distribution on E-commerce Platform
  • Application of Supply Chain Financing in Commodity E-commerce

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Who will attend:

  • Steelmakers: To understand China’s macro and steel industry policies, regulations and counter measures
  • Miners: To introduce iron ore, coal, manganese ore, chrome ore etc. to Chinese steelmakers
  • Buyers: To talk face-to-face with sales departments of steelmakers and creditable trading companies
  • Financiers / Banks: To comprehend Chinese steel industry and to find potential investment opportunities
  • Equipments / Technology: To showcase environment-friendly, cost-saving and state-of-art facilities or solutions

Some of the Companies registered in 2016 include:

Anshan Steel Liuzhou Steel
Anyang Steel Maanshan Steel
Baosteel Nanjing Steel
Baotou Steel Ningbo Steel
Bayi Steel Panzhihua Steel
Beitai Steel Pingxiang Steel
Benxi Steel Qingdao Steel
Changjiang Steel Rizhao Steel
Chengde Steel Shagang
Chongqing Steel Shandong Steel
Dazhou Steel Shijiazhuang Steel
Fushun New Steel Shougang
Guangzhou Steel Tangshan Steel
Guofeng Steel Tianjin Steel
Handan Steel Tianjin Youfa Pipe
Hesteel TISCO
Jinan Steel WISCO
Jinxi Steel Xiangtan Steel
Jiuquan Steel Xingcheng Special Steel
Laiwu Steel Xinyu Steel
Lianyuan Steel Xuanhua Steel
Lingyuan Steel Zenith Steel

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