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Event Introduction

Middle East Iron & Steel Conference is the largest iron and steel conference in the MENA region.

In 2017, nearly 800 delegates came together for 3 days of networking, workshops and presentations from the industry’s most accomplished experts.

Benefits of attending

  • Gain vital insight into the future of the steel industry in the MENA region.
  • Presentations from major international companies
  • Evaluate the solutions to the key issues in the iron and steel industries
  • Discover the benefits of new steel making technologies
  • Network with executive level delegates from across the global marketplace

Network with?

This event offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with top executives from the regional steel market as well as the global steel supply chain.

Steel mills, Rolling mills, Traders / Merchants / Brokers, Banking / Investment / Fund management, Plant / Equipment / Engineering companies, Miners, Consultants, Recyclers / Scrap processors, Tube & Pipe mills, Freight / Logistics / Service centers, Foundries / Forges, Rod / Wire / Cable plants, Smelter / Refiners, Government, Industry associations

Speakers Include:

  • Saeed Ghumran Al Romaithi, Emirates Steel
  • Ismail Shar Al Sulby, Al Qaryan Steel Company
  • Mohammed Al-Jabr, Al-Jabr Economic Consultancy
  • Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Zahrani, HADEED
  • Anurag Bisaria, Bahrain Steel
  • Abu Bucker Husain, Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC (AGIS)
  • Mark Bula, Big River Steel
  • Rénard Chaigneau, Rio Tinto Iron Ore
  • Marcel Fasswald, SMS group
  • Ranulph Fiennes, Explorer!.
  • Roman Filimonov, Metal Bulletin Research
  • Kazuo Mike Fujisawa, JFE Steel Corporation
  • Matt Loffman, Westwood Global Energy
  • Peter Marcus, World Steel Dynamics
  • George Matta, EZZ Steel
  • Alistair Ramsay, Metal Bulletin Research
  • Enzo Ruscio, Danieli
  • Dr Bahram Sobhani, Mobarakeh Steel
  • Ulrich Svejkovsky, SMS group


  • Markus Abel, tripleS
  • Richard Thompson, MEED


Agenda Overview:

Agenda Overview

Workshop Day: Monday, December 4, 2017

8:00am Registration Opens

All timings are approximate and subject to change

Stream 1

9:00am Workshop

More details to follow

2:00pm Danieli Workshop

More details to follow

Stream 2

2:00pm Workshop

More details to follow

5:00pm Welcome Reception

Day 1 Conference: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Plenary Session

9:00am Executive panel: where is the Middle East iron and steel industry heading towards?
  • What does the future of the Middle East steel industry look like? What is driving this direction?
  • The impact of raw material prices and availability: is this the new reality?
  • How will the industry adapt to changing energy costs in the region? How can the industry work together to maximise profits without compromising on competitive edge?
Moderator: Richard Thompson, Editorial Director, MEED
Saeed Ghumran Al Romaithi, CEO, Emirates Steel
Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Zahrani
, President, HADEED
Anurag Bisaria
, CEO, Bahrain Steel
Ismail Shar Al Sulby
, CEO, Al Qaryan Steel Company
10:10am The UAE’s vision for the future: how does steel contribute?
  • How is the UAE positioning its economy for prosperity? How does steel fit in?
  • An update on the new tax regulations: how do new rules stand to benefit the country as a whole?
  • Where does the steel industry fit into the UAE’s environmental policy?
10:25am Networking refreshment break
11:10am Global economic outlook: what does this mean for steel
  • An overview of global steel supply and demand
  • What are the key geopolitical and economic factors integral to global steel demand?
  • Where will we see the most promising and steady demand for steel? How does this align with current global capacity?
  • How does the Middle East fit into all of this? A bullish or bearish outlook for the region?
Peter Marcus, Managing Partner, World Steel Dynamics
11:40am Steel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • What plans does Sabic have in the pipeline?
  • How is steel production progressing in Saudi Arabia?
  • How is Sabic preparing for potential upturn in the steel industry both regionally and globally?
12:10pm SPECAL GUEST SPEAKER: Sir Ranulph Fiennes- winning against the odds

Sir Ranulph Fines was described by the Guinness Book of Records as the “the world’s greatest living explorer”. 
Hear from this extraordinary living legend about how he has managed to stay ahead of the competition in the face of extreme adversity.
His reputation exceeds him as a story teller and captivating narrator. 

Ranulph FiennesExplorer!
12:45pm Sabic Sponsored Lunch

Stream 1: Middle East focus

2:30pm Opportunities for steel in the economies of the Middle East
  • What is driving the steel industry in the Middle East?
  • How is the Middle East changing in terms of the steel products being offered and the markets being targeted?
  • What is the impact of recent political changes in the relationship between GCC members? How will this impact regional and global steel markets?
Mohammed Al-Jabr, Consultant, Al-Jabr Economic Consultancy
2:55pm AGIS Presentation
Abu Bucker Husain, CEO, Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC (AGIS)
3:15pm Sponsor led Presentation

Details to be confirmed

3:35pm Al Qaryan Presentation
Ismail Shar Al Sulby, CEO, Al Qaryan Steel Company

Stream 2: Technology focus

2:30pm Frontier technology panel: innovation in the steel industry
  • What factors are driving technological development? Is this the same globally or is the Middle East unique?
  • Will the trend of incremental technology upgrades continue? Will it take oil price increases to fund new projects?
  • How is efficiency being increased? 
Moderator: Markus Abel, Director - Electric Steelmaking, tripleS
Marcel Fasswald, Member of the Managing Board, SMS group
3:15pm Market demand for the Gulf region: how to be competitive Concepts and technologies for highly efficient long products plants
Ulrich Svejkovsky, Vice President Sales Long Products Plants, SMS group
3:35pm Danieli Presentation
Enzo Ruscio, Executive Vice President, Danieli

Stream 3

2:30pm Round table discussions

Bahrain Steel- pelletization and beyond

Speaker to be confirmed

Trade and tariffs- what next for the Middle East?

Speaker to be confirmed

Raw material supply and costs

Speaker to be confirmed

3:55pm Networking refreshment break

Stream 1: Market Focus

4:30pm LME Presentation

Speaker to be confirmed

4:55pm Analyst panel: where are we in the cycle?
  • Are we currently at the top or bottom of the cycle? How can a prediction be made when markets have changed so much in recent years?
  • What is driving prices for steel and iron ore? 
  • Is demand for steel likely to increase? How does this match up to current capacity?
Alistair Ramsay, Research Manager, Metal Bulletin Research

Stream 2: Iran focus

4:30pm Capacity update from Iran
  • What is Iran’s current production capacity? Where is steel being consumed?
  • How big is the domestic market for steel? Does production meet domestic demand?
  • An overview of new steel projects and their collective capacity
Dr Bahram Sobhani, Managing Director,Mobarakeh Steel
4:50pm Iran Presentation

Speaker to be confirmed

5:10pm Trade sanctions update- Iran
  • What is the latest with international trade sanctions
  • How will these impact the Iranian steel industry?

Stream 3: Round Tables

4:30pm Round table discussions continued

Iran- opportunities and beyond

Speaker to be confirmed


Speaker to be confirmed

5:30pm Diamond Drinks Reception

Day 2 Conference: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Plenary Session

9:00am Executive Interview: Emirates Steel
  • A vision for the future of the UAE: how will Emirates Steel contribute to the goals of UAE 2020?
  • Overcoming changes in energy subsidies: how will this help to make Emirates Steel stronger in the long run?
  • What have been the primary challenges of Emirates Steels’ significant goals to cut operating costs? How has the company excelled in meeting these targets? 
Saeed Ghumran Al Romaithi, CEO, Emirates Steel
9:30am Steel end-users: what do they want?
  • An overview of the main development and construction projects across the Middle East
  • How much steel will be required? Is there local capacity to meet this demand?
  • What do steel purchasers want to see from steel producers? Can greater levels of synergy be created between these two parts of the supply chain?
10:30am Networking refreshment break
11:00am Oil and gas price recovery
  • Will oil prices rebound and to what extent? Will we ever reach the dizzy heights of 2014 again?
  • How do environmental regulations both within the region and globally stand to impact oil prices?
  • In what ways is the GCC diversifying from oil? Has exposure been limited?
Matt Loffman, Manager, Westwood Global Energy
11:25am Midrex Presentation

Speaker to be confirmed

11:45am Technology Presentation

Speaker to be confirmed

12:05pm Technology Presentation

Speaker to be confirmed

Stream 2: Global Focus

9:00am EZZ Presentation
George Matta, Marketing Director, EZZ Steel
9:20am An update from the Turkish steel exporters
  • How much steel is Turkey expecting to export?
  • Where are the key MENA markets for Turkish steel exports?
  • Is the Turkish steel industry at maximum capacity? To what extent could volumes increase?
10:00am An update from China
  • How much steel is being consumed in China and is this set to change?
  • What is the situation with Chinese scrap and what potential impact does this have on the Middle East?
  • How much long product is being exported from China at present? Have domestic prices changed for products like billet and HRC?
  • What is China’s current steel capacity?
10:30am Networking refreshment break
11:00am Asian steel markets- opportunities and growth
  • What is the outlook for the steel market in Asia?
  • Will India and Southeast Asia continue to be growth engines?
  • What are the prospects for the economy and steel demand in Japan?
  • How do Asian steel producers view and approach MENA?
Kazuo Mike Fujisawa, Principal, Overseas Business, JFE Steel Corporation
11:35am North America Panel- opportunities for the Middle East
  • An update from North America
  • What opportunities do the impact of the US administration present for the ME?
  • What does the US have to offer the Middle East in terms of niche products and beyond?
Mark Bula, Chief Commercial Officer, Big River Steel

12:30pm AGIS Sponsored Lunch

Production and Raw Materials

1:30pm Iron ore panel: what is driving prices?
  • What is the current DR pellet capacity globally and is this set to change? Is this enough to meet demand?
  • How is this affecting prices and premiums?
  • How are some steel mills adapting to use lower grade DRI pellets? How does this impact other costs?
  • Where is the Middle East sourcing its Iron ore?
  • What part does China have to play in pricing and dynamics?
Rénard Chaigneau, Manager Technical Marketing- Atlantic, Rio Tinto Iron Ore
2:15pm Steel pricing and beyond
  • An overview of Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market steel pricing capacity
  • What methodology is used to ensure that prices are accurate and reliable?
  • Which new prices are going to be offered and why?
2:40pm Scrap supply in the Middle East
  • What are the cost benefits of using more scrap?
  • Is the move towards upgrading scrap use capability here to stay or a temporary reaction to DR pellet price and availability?
  • Where is scrap available currently and where will future supply come from?
3:05pm Freight costs: what is the impact on the industry?
  • What is driving current freight rates? Does this go beyond fuel prices?
  • How has this impacted the steel industry?
3:30pm How the supply of HRC, plate and billets could change to the Middle East Tube & Pipe clients
  • Is demand for coils, plates and billets expected to pick-up from local Middle East tube & pipe customers?
  • Will local mills increasingly be able to substitute international steel suppliers to this market?
  • How will the expected rising demand of sour grades of plates and coils from the pipe industry impact on local steel producers?
Roman Filimonov, Consultant, Metal Bulletin Research
4:00pm End of 21st Middle East Iron & Steel Conference

Introducing North Africa Iron and Steel Summit
Thursday, December 7, 2017

Learn more this year than ever before from this summit.

The biggest local players, including EZZ Steel, will give our delegates insight into the region's current state and future potential.

Registration fee for North Africa Iron and Steel Summit
For delegates registered for the 21st Middle East Iron & Steel Conference

Morning Sessions: North Africa Iron and Steel Summit

9:00am Plenary Session

All timings are approximate and subject to change

EZZ and Egypt’s growth

  • How is EZZ Steel positioning itself for success operationally? How has efficiency been improved?
  • An overview of the development projects planned in Egypt at present from construction of the second administrative city to plans for a nuclear power plant
  • How much steel is being imported into Egypt? Which products are in demand?

Iron ore supply to North Africa

  • An overview of CIS imports into the region
  • What is going on with prices? Will things stabilise after having spiralled out of control?
  • How are procurement strategies shaped around global markets? How can exposure be reduced?

Economic and political outlook

  • Are we seeing a wave of stability in the region? What are the key political issues to look out for?
  • What factors should be considered when considering doing business with North African companies?
  • How are antidumping issues likely to impact the steel industry?

New projects driving demand in North Africa

  • Where are the biggest new projects planned in the region? Where will funding come from?
  • What kind of steel demand is likely to be generated?
  • Where are the key growth areas across the steel supply chain and across the region?
  • Does the region have the capacity to supply the steel requirements or will imports be required

Anti-dumping update from Egypt

  • What are the Egyptian government’s plans for anti-dumpling measures? Have decisions been made? What do they mean?
  • How will this impact each part of the steel supply chain?
  • What will dictate the direction of future policy? How can companies plan to anticipate changes?
12:30pm Networking lunch

Afternoon Sessions: North Africa Iron and Steel Summit

2:00pm Country Focus

Algeria focus

  • What are the key exciting opportunities in the Algerian steel industry? Are there opportunities for investment?
  • How much steel is being consumed in Algeria? Does domestic supply meet demand?
  • Are there plans for any new projects beyond current new mills being built?

Libya focus

  • Are there plans for development and regeneration projects?
  • What volume and kind of steel consumption can be expected? Is investment capital for new projects in place?
  • How is the government working to create an environment of prosperity in Libya?

Morocco focus

  • An overview of new projects and opportunities in Morocco
  • Where is the Moroccan steel industry heading?
  • What is Morocco’s net consumption of steel and is domestic production enough to meet demand?
5:30pm End of summit and conference


Companies Registered in 2016 Included:

360 - STEEL MATERIALS, LDA Liberty Commodities
AB Metals Liberty Commodities Asia Pte Ltd
ABN AMRO Bank NV Liberty Commodities Ltd
Absal Factory for Steel Fabrication Company Liberty FE Trade DMCC
Abu Dhabi Media Linkas Steel
Acemar LITAT Group
ADA Aceria De Angola LKAB
AIN London Metal Exchange
Air Liquide Louis Dreyfus Commodities
Ajax TOCCO M7 Metals Gmbh
Akhbar El Youm Newspaper Macsteel International
Al Anmaa Steel Iraq Madan 24
Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Co Magnesita
Al Fozan Building Materials Co Magnesita Refractories
Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC (AGIS) Magnesita Refractories, Cairo Liaison Office
Al Ittefaq Steel Products Co Magnesita Refractories Middle East FZE
Al Jazeera Steel Products Co SAOG Magnetite Mines
Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper Magneto Special Anodes BV
Al Mouhana Steel Group Manaksia Limited
Al Nada for Steel Trading Manuchar Internacional SA de CV
Al Nafie Steel LLC Manuchar NV
Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises LLC Manuchar Steel
Al Qaryan Group Martrade Shipping
Al Qaryan Steel Company Maschinenfabrik Herkules GmbH & Co KG
Al Rashed Building Materials Maschinenfabrik Koeppern GmbH & Co KG
Al Shareef M. S. Sons Company Masdar Building Materials
Al Tuwairqi Materials Processing Institute
Al Wafd Newspaper Matmaa Mining roup
Al Yamamah for Reinforcing Steel Bars (Yamamah Steel) MC Metalloinvest LLC
Al Yamamah Steel Ind Co MDN Medya
Al Youm Al Sabea Newspaper MEED
Algerian Qatari Steel
Al-Ghad TV MENA Carbon Company
AlGioshy Steel S.A.E
Alittihad Newspaper Metal Bulletin
Al-Jabr Economic Consultancy Metal Bulletin Events
Al-Jazera Factories For Steel Products Co. Ltd Metal Bulletin Iron Ore Index
Al-Qaryan Group for Trading, Industry and Contracting Metal Bulletin Ltd
AlRashed Group Metal Bulletin Research
Alrashed Industrial Metalaim - Futureco
Alstom Power Italia S.p.A Metalloinvest Trading AG
Alta Steel OOD Metfina Metal Ltd
Altos Steel DMCC Metinvest Holding LLC
Amesco Metinvest International S.A.
Anglo American Marketing Limited Singapore Branch Metinvest International S.A. Gulf Branch (UAE)
AR Engineering Works Metso General Trading LLC
Arabian Gulf Steel Industries LLC Middle East Commodities
Arabian Refractories (Harariyat) Midrex Technologies
Arcelik AS MIL Middle East JLT
Arcelor Mittal International Celik Dis Ticaret AS Minmetal Inc. USA
ArcelorMittal Miracle Metals and More Trading DMCC (MMetals Group)
ArcelorMittal CLN Distribuzione Italia Mircoh Engineering FZE
Arcelormittal FCE Celik Ticaret AS MISR National Steel
ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe Mitsubishi Corporation
ArcelorMittal International FZE Mitsubishi Corporation - Dubai
ArcelorMittal International Celik Dis Ticaret AS Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd
Arfa Iron and Steel Co Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc
Arion Metals FZE MMK Metalurji Sanayi, Ticaret ve Liman Isletmeciligi A.S
Armen Asia Tejarat Co MMK Steel Trade AG
Ashry Steel Mobarakeh Steel Company
Astra Group Modern Steel Mills LLC
Astra Mining Moon Iron & Steel Co. S.A.O.C
Attieh Steel Co Ltd MTC Trading Ltd
AUMUND Fordertechnik GmbH Muscat Steel Industries
AUMUND Middle East Rep. Office National Nails Company
AVEKS (SUISSE) SA National Port Said Steel-Egyptian Steel
Aveks India Natra International
Avic International Minerals & Resources Co., Ltd Navex Asia Ltd
Ayoub Beainou & Sons Navex Shipping Limited Partnership
Ayoub Group Nippon Steel & Sumikin Bussan Corporation
AZIZ STEEL FACTORY Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
Bahrain Steel BSCC Nova Marine Carriers SA
Bait Al Tatawor Nucor Trading Middle East DMCC
Bamesa Nyrstar Sales & Marketing AG
Banchero Costa & c. SpA Okaz
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & KG
Banque De Commerce Et De Placements - BCP Oldendorff Carriers Transshipment LLC
Barry Rogliano Salles Orind Special Refractories Pvt Ltd
Bastug Metallurgy Outotec
Bawan Metal Industries Co Outotec GmbH & Co KG
Baz. Intl. Industry Co. Pasek Minerales SAU
BCV Paul Wurth Italia SpA
Best Demir Celik Paul Wurth SA
BIN YAMANI Phaethon International
Bloomberg News PLG Steel Intertrading Ltd
BMS BIRLESIK METAL Posco Daewoo Corporation
BNP Paribas (SUISSE) SA Potenza Muhendislik
Borcelik Celik Sanayii Tic AS Prima Steel Company Ltd
BRC Industrial (Saudia) Limited Prime Source Group
Break Bulk Asia Limited Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH
Bronx International Primetals Technologies Dubai (UAE)
Brother Steel Limited Primetals Technologies Italy Srl
BRS Middle East DMCC Primetals Technologies Limited
BSE Badische Stahl Engineering GmbH ProCoat Tecnologias SL
BSH Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S PSI DMCC
Cargill India Pvt Ltd PSI Metals Austria GmbH
Cargill Middle East Qatar Steel Co Fze
Carpentaria Exploration Limited Qatar Steel Company
CBASCO Qinhuangdao Shouqin Metal Materials Co. Ltd
Cedex Steel and Metals Quaker Chemical BV
ceVital Spa Quintiq
Chemetall SA Unipersonal R Singh + Associates (P) Ltd
Cheongfuli (Xiamen) Co Ltd Rabigh Steel
China Steel Corporation Rajhi Steel Industrial Co
China Steel Global Trading Corporation Ramat Marketing & Distribution Co.
Chong Lek Engineering Works Sdn Bhd Rashed Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed & Sons Co.
CMI Industry Red Bud Industries Inc
CMI Metallurgy SA REDEX
CMI Processing Lines Refratechnik Steel & Refratechnik Casting
CMI SA - The Nesa Solution Reyadah
Colakoglu Metalurji A.S. RHI AG
Condoroil Chemical SRL Rio Tinto
Corbus Steel RioTinto IOC
Cotecna Ukraine Limited RMInnovation Limited
CREDIT SUISSE AG Sadid Industrial Group
CTM Salzgitter Mannesmann International
Curtis Steel Company Ltd Sarclad Ltd
DÄ°LER DIÅž TÄ°CARET A.Åž. Saudi Arabian Mining Co (Ma'aden)
Danieli Saudi Aramco
Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche SpA SABIC
Danieli & C SpA Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Danieli Centro Combustion Saudi Lime Industries Co
Dar Alkhaleej for Press, Printing & Publishing LLC Saudi Steel Pipe Company
Data Steel Pipes Industries (Pvt) Ltd Saudi VOEST ALPINE
Demirjian Global (Offshore) SAL SBI Capital Markets Limited
Dena Shipping & Commodities Schmidt-Clemens Spain S.A.U.
DP Trade SA Secure Steel & Commodities AG
Duferco SA Severstal Export GmbH
Easteel SA Shanghai Steelhome E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Eisenwerk Sulzau-Werfen (ESW) Shanghai Xiangyu Superchain Supply Chain Co Ltd
Ekin Metal San Ve Tic AS Shangyang Steel International Limited
Eksper Metal LT Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills LLC
El Massia for Steel Trading Shipping Trading Consultancy
Elan Intertrade LLP Shivam Hitech Steels Pvt Ltd
Elegant Commodities FZC Sims Metal Management
Elmarakby For Steel Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex
Emirates Steel Industries Smart Timing Ltd
ERDEMIR SMS Concast Italia SpA
Erdemir Group SMS Group GmbH
Eregli Demir Ve Celik Fabrikalari TAS SMS Group S.p.A.
Eregli Iron and Steel Works Co SMS Group Technical Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Essar Steel SMS Group Turkey
Euro Metal Exchange SMS Gulf FZE
Eurometalix Ltd SMS Meer Dubai
European Metal Recycling Ltd SMS Siemag AG
Evraz East Metals AG SMS Technical Services Gulf
EZZ Steel Societe Generale
F J Elsner Trading GmbH Sofan Steel
Faratarh Steel Co Sohar Port and Freezone
Fareastern Commodities Solaronics SA
Fazal Steel (pvt) Ltd Solb Steel Company
Felman Trading Europe AG Special Steels Factory LLC
Ferlink Sal (Off Shore) Specta Group
Ferrexpo Middle East FZE Spooner Industries Ltd
Folad Sanat Factory SSAB
Foulad Yar Group Corp SSAB Europe Oy
Future Material Industry (HK) Co. Ltd. SSAB Swedish Steel Celik Dis Tic LTD Sti
GALA METAL SAN VE TIC LTD STI Standard Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Galex Steel International Starcore Co Ltd
Galloo Holding Steel & Metallurgy
Ganmag Magnesite Solutions Steel First
Genel Makina Tic Ve San AS Steel Mont
Gesbey Enerji Turbini A.S Steel Pioneers Factory
Global Minerals Engineering Steel Products Company Ltd (STEPCO)
Global Steel Dust Gulf LLC Steel Services Sarl
GOA Metal Steel Towers Co
Goal Shipping FZE Steelhome
Gogohar Mining & Industrial Co Stemcor Middle East DMCC
Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Co Stopinc AG
Goldman Sachs Suez Steel Company
Goldseed Commodities Sulb Company
Golgohar Investment & Development Co Sumec International Technology Co Ltd
Golgohar Iron & Steel Development Co Sumitomo Corporation
Graincom Shipping KS Sumitomo Corporation Europe Ltd.
Group Five Pipe Saudi Sumitomo Corporation Middle East FZE
Gulf Ferro Alloys Company - Sabayek Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises
Gulf Investment Corporation Taraz Industrial Coated Sheet Co
Gulf Taybat for Trading Co Tat Metal
HADEED Tata Steel Consulting
Hangzhou Cogeneration (HongKong) Co. Ltd. Team Ferro Alloys Private Ltd
Hartwell Consulting S.A. Tenova HYL
Hassouneh Steel Group Tenova HYL Services SA de CV
HEG Limited Tezcan Galvaniz
Hill Metals Est. The Gordian Way
Horst Wiesinger Consulting GmbH The Linde Group
Hudson Corporation GmbH Thomson Reuters
Ibrahim & Mohamed Anis Al-Zaben Co Ltd Tolfsby
ICAP Toscelik AS

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation

Icdas Celik Enerji Tersane Ve Ulasim Sanayi Anonim Sirketi Tosyali Holding
ICI Suisse SA Tosyali Toyo
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG Traxys Europe SA
Ilksanmetal tripleS GbR
Impala Terminals Middle East Tube City IMS Middle East Holding WLL
IMR Metal Powder Technologies GmbH TUF Metallurgical Pvt Ltd
Indo International Trading FZCO Tuka Paint Foolad Sepahan
Industrial Identification Sys Turkish Steel Exporters' Association
Industry Future UBS Switzerland AG
Innovation WorldWide DMCC UK Cares
INTER STEEL Union Rebar Factory
Interfer - Steel and Commodities GmbH United Iron & Steel Co. (Manaseer)
International Building Systems Factory Co. Ltd. United Steel Industrial Co. KSCC (KWTSTEEL)
International Coke and Ferro Alloys Company Universal Metal Coating Co Ltd (UNICOIL)
International Steels Ltd

Universal Rolling Mill

International Transit sal Offshore US Steel Kosice SRO
Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC) VA Intertrading AG
ISR Infomedia Pvt. Ltd Vale International SA
Itochu Corporation Vertix General Trading LLC
Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi AS Vestel Beyaz Esya A.S.
JFE Shoji Trade Corporation Vesuvius Corporation SA
JFE STEEL CORP. Vesuvius Italia Spa
Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC Vesuvius Ras Al Khaimah
Johnson Matthey Vilmeks Ic ve Dis Tic ve Metal San AS
Jordan Steel PLC Vilmeks Ic ve Dis Tic. Ve Metal San. A.S.
JP Morgan voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmBH
JSC Severstal Management Voestalpine Stahl GmbH
Kallanish Commodities Votorantim GmbH
Kandil Steel Watania Steel
Kardemir Haddecilik Ve Electrik Dretim San Tic Ltd Waygum Inc
Kashan Amirkabir Steel Wise Enterprises Fzco
Kathuria RollMill Pvt Ltd World Metals & Alloys (Fzc)
Kaybee Industrial Alloys P.Ltd World Steel Dynamics
KCM Trade Xiamen Xiangyu Superchain Supply Chain Dev Co Ltd
Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co Yildiz Entegre Agac Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
Khouzestan Steel Co Yolbulan Metal A.S.
King and Spalding Yolbulan Metal Sanayi VE Ticaret AS
Kobe Steel Ltd Zamil Group Holding Co
Kocaer Haddecilik Ve San Tic A.S Zhejiang Materials Industry International Co Ltd
Kumba Iron Ore ZSC Group
Kuwait Ferro Alloys Gen. Trad. & Cont. Company Zuercher Kantonalbank

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